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Wagyu Beef Marble Score 9+

This is it folks: top of the beef mountain, the elite of the wide Wagyu world. These are the most rare, the most unique and the most hard-to-find marble scores, from the less than 1% of Wagyu cows. These Wagyu beef steaks are so powerfully rich they should come with a warning, and you should tread carefully. This Wagyu beef is to be savored and enjoyed in smaller portions – think half your usual favorite steak size – or you risk overindulging. Marble score 9 & 10 Wagyu is perfect for special occasions and to impress the most demanding, picky and savviest meat connoisseurs.
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Wagyu Rib Eye, MS10, Whole
from Japan by The Wagyu
For a singularly delicious meat-eating experience you’ll never forget, look to our signature collection of Japanese MS10 whole Wagyu Rib Eye.
Wagyu Strip Loin, MS10, Whole
from Japan by The Wagyu
When big meaty flavor meets amazingly soft and succulent texture, you get our delightfully moist and juicy whole MS10 Wagyu Strip Loin straight from Japan!
Wagyu Tenderloin, MS10, Whole
from Japan by The Wagyu
The tenderest cut from the very highest quality beef available on the market, experience meat at its finest with our MS10 Wagyu tenderloin.
Wagyu Tenderloin, MS9, Cut To Order
from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
Our most tender and luxurious cut! This Kobe-style, all-natural Wagyu Tenderloin is a luscious meat experience- the richest, most indulgent steak yet.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (3 reviews)
Wagyu Brisket Full, MS9
from Australia by Rangers Valley
Wagyu Tenderloin, MS9, Whole
from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
The tenderest cut on the cow sourced from the highest quality Wagyu on the market, make this whole Wagyu Tenderloin a winning combination.