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Wagyu Beef Flank Steaks

The Wagyu Flank steak is an up-and-comer from the “new-wave” of meat cuts. Selected from the bottom belly section of the cow known as the Flank, the Wagyu Flank steak is long and wide, but with a nice amount of thickness to it. Regularly, a Flank steak will have a lot of beefy intensity with a bit of a chew, but a Wagyu Flank steak benefits from the amazing genetics and marbling of the Wagyu cow, making it way more tender. Perfect for marinades and grilling, our Wagyu Flank steaks are from Wagyu beef that has been pasture-raised, always free of antibiotics and hormones.
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Wagyu Flank Steak, MS3
from Australia by Darling Downs
A long and wide swatch of mouthwateringly marbled beef with just enough thickness to it, at MS 3 this steak delivers a nice amount marbling.
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