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Smoked and Cured Meats

There's nothing like that woodsy flavor that only the most perfectly smoked and cured meats can deliver. From classics like chorizo to hickory smoked wild boar, we smoke the competition with our selection. And for our more adventurous customers, we offer a selection of exotic gourmet delivery smoked and cured meats for sale (like crocodile!).
Smoked Berkshire Ham, Boneless
from United States by Broadleaf
Fully cooked and hot smoked, this festive Berkshire ham makes for a wonderful holiday gift or centerpiece.
5 out of 5 stars rating (5 reviews)
Nueske's Canadian Bacon
from United States by Nueske's
Our full-flavored Canadian bacon from Nueske’s offers unparalleled savory taste. Perfect for anything from classic BLTs to Eggs Benedict you’ll love the smokey salty taste of this delightful Canadian bacon!
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Smoked Duck Prosciutto
from United States by Broadleaf
Dark, rich, and funky in flavor, our smoked duck prosciutto offers a singularly delicious eating experience and really stands out on the charcuterie board!
Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon Slab
from United States by Nueske's
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)

Smoked and Cured Meats By Type

  • Smoked Bacon

    Smoked Bacon

    From slabs to slices, for breakfast or for cooking, we've got prime strips of bacon that smolder with rich, smoky flavor.
  • Smoked Meats

    Smoked Meats

    Only the most flavorful meats are worth their smoke - mouthwatering Virginia hams, succulent chunky wild boar legs and more.
  • Smoked Sausage

    Smoked Sausage

    Our smoky selection ranges from sophisticated pheasant and exotic ostrich, crafted from the best ingredients available.
  • Salami


    Our favorite snack! Old-school European salamis, inventive new recipes, all made from the freshest ingredients.

We love the mouthwatering flavor of any smoked meat, and we especially go crazy when it’s gourmet, natural and flavorful smoked treats. You’ll discover wonderful charcuterie favorites like applewood smoked bacon, succulent duck prosciutto and salami, plus many other delicacies for the meat board. Looking to add some wild smoky flavor to your sandwiches? Try exotic smoked alligator and ostrich sausage. We have a fantastic range of classic gourmet smoked meats like delicious Italian salami sopressata, and French saucisson that will smoke the competition.

Smoked and Cured Meats Questions And Answers