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Exotic Meats

On the hunt for a culinary adventure? If you have a taste for rare gourmet foods, this is the place for you. Steaks and Game offers you exotic game meats like alligator, frog, kangaroo meat, and other rare finds. Anything you can think of, and a lot you can't!
Frog Legs
from China by Broadleaf
With their mild flavor and delicate texture, our gourmet frog’s legs are as versatile as they are delicious.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rich, savory, and versatile, for a true gastronomic delight, try serving up our gourmet boneless rabbit strip loin.
Rabbit Hind Legs, Bone-in
from United States by Pel-Freez
The meatiest and most flavorful part of the rabbit, the legs are everyone’s favorite portion to enjoy.
Rabbit Bones
from United States by Pel-Freez
The gourmand’s secret weapon, keep rabbit bones on hand to make delicious bone broths and stocks, heightening the flavor of all your dishes!

Exotic Meats by Type

  • Alligator


    Known as the Cajun swamp chicken, gator meat is a must-try for the adventurous foodie, and not just for the shock value.
  • Frog


    Thought frog legs were just for French restaurants? Think again! We love the delicate flavor of protein-packed frog legs.
  • Kangaroo


    A wild, gamey taste, 98% fat free, rich in iron and zinc and often compared to filet mignon, roo is a healthy red meat alternative.
  • Nilgai Antelope

    Nilgai Antelope

    Also known as the South Texas Antelope, this is a mild, lean, very veal-like meat, not gamy as other venison.
  • Ostrich


    The other red meat, ostrich tastes more like beef, but with less cholesterol and fat than chicken and turkey.
  • Rabbit


    This small, flavorful animal is leaner than chicken, and just as easy to cook, perfect for flavorful terrines, roasting and rag us.

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