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Poultry and Fowl

A little bird told us that gourmet poultry and fowl are the next big thing in gourmet meats, so we flocked to our vendors to stock up on their best pheasants, quails, squabs, partridges and poussins. We also carry the juiciest turkeys, hormone-free chicken, plus other prime birds.
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Jidori Chicken, Whole
from United States by Broadleaf
The best chicken the world! super-fresh, incredibly flavorful all-natural Jidori Chicken.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
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Quail, Plantation, Whole
from United States by Broadleaf
Discover the rich flavor of these little birds! Delicate and elegant bone-in quail, perfect for roasting, baking or sautéing, and even for a sophisticated grilling option.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (3 reviews)
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Squab, Whole
from United States by Broadleaf
An all-natural whole squab from California with a large, broad breast will be the star of your next dinner party.
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Jidori Chicken Airline Breast
from United States by Broadleaf
Discover super-fresh, boldly flavored Jidori Chicken, the Kobe Beef of chiecken, raised in small farms in California. 
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (6 reviews)
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Muscovy Duck Hen Breast
from United States by Grimaud Farms
Discover these plump Muscovy duck hen breasts with a lean meat full of rich flavor and a thin, delicate skin that browns to delicious, crispy perfection.
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Pheasant, Whole with Giblets
from United States by MacFarlane
A whole, lean, all-natural succulent Pheasant from Wisconsin, raised humanely by the largest pheasant producer in North America.
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Quail Breast Medallions, Boneless
from United States by Broadleaf
Cook your quail recipes quickly and easily with these delicious all-natural little boneless quail breasts.
on sale
Muscovy Duck Hen, Whole
from United States by Grimaud Farms
Irresistibly flavorful, healthy and lean, with an easygoing price tag…what more could you ask for from a duck?


Poultry and Fowl by Cut

  • Breast


    Double, airline and boneless breasts, from just about any bird that flies…and a few that don’t!
  • Whole Birds

    Whole Birds

    Our whole birds can range from small and dainty quail, to large and jumbo turkeys and capon, but they're all juicy and delicious. 
  • Sausages


    Our ready-to-grill sausage selection is stuffed with choice franks and brats of prime poultry and fowl.
  • Legs & Drumsticks

    Legs & Drumsticks

    Break a leg - or a drumstick - from prime birds like Guinea Hens, Quail, Pheasants, and Muscovy and Moulard ducks. 
  • Other Cuts

    Other Cuts

    Bones for stock, grinds for burgers and meaty sauces, specialties like confit and indispensable goodies like duck fat. 

Poultry By Type

  • Capon


    Extra large, tender and moist, capon is chicken like you've never seen, or tasted, before.
  • Chicken


    Discover what “it tastes like chicken” actually means when you try the terrific flavor of our natural, gourmet chicken.
  • Cornish Game Hens

    Cornish Game Hens

    These small and wonderfully juicy chicken hybrids are the perfect size to impress at small dinner parties.
  • Duck


    Our selection of all natural, fresh gourmet duck products will have you quacking with delight.
  • Guinea Hen

    Guinea Hen

    A bird with flavorful, tender and delicious dark meat with less fat than chicken, perfect for roasts and braises.
  • Partridge


    A lovely mild and lean bird, with a great flavor that is more subtle and mild than other game birds.
  • Pheasant


    It’s time to let your culinary imagination take flight with flavorful and versatile pheasant.
  • Poussin


    The proverbial “spring chicken”, the small and young poussin is prized for its tenderness and its plate-perfect size.
  • Quail


    This delicate little bird is full of flavor, with a great texture and a size that begs to be pulled apart with your fingers.
  • Squab


    No longer reserved for fancy dinners out, juicy and flavorful squab can be easily served at your (fancy) dinner table.
  • Turkey


    We offer flavorful and most importantly, all-natural turkeys, without any hormones or antibiotics.

We don’t want to squabble, but our selection of squab is the best you can find! Make the healthiest grilled and roasted chicken with our all-natural birds, and add sophisticated dishes to your table with luxurious guinea and pheasant fowl. Shop for all-natural turkeys for the best Thanksgiving yet, and discover a superb selection of chicken, pheasant and turkey franks for your all your sausage recipes. Find legs and drumsticks from our best ducks, and many other delicacies for you or for a gourmet gift. Mail order gourmet poultry and fowl from Steaks & Game today!