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No longer reserved for fancy dinners out, squab can be easily served at your (fancy) dinner table. This small pigeon has a dark flesh and a deeper, more complex flavor than your average turkey or chicken. Juicy and moist, this little bird is a true delicacy that can be eaten roasted and grilled, but are also delicious baked in a pie or in a flavorful stew.
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Squab, Semi-boneless
by Broadleaf
Tender and delicious, this little bird with a full, broad breast has been partially deboned for the best presentation, ready to be stuffed.
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Squab, Whole
from United States by Broadleaf
An all-natural whole squab from California with a large, broad breast will be the star of your next dinner party.
Whole Squab
from United States by Palmeto
Tender, juicy, and richer in flavor than other domesticated poultry, squab is considered a delicacy thanks to its list of excellent qualities.
Squab Airline Double Breasts
by Broadleaf
Our delightful airline breasts are a favorite among top-level chefs and fine dining establishments; as it enhances all the best characteristics of the squab intensifying both the flavor and juiciness of each portion.
Squab Double Breasts, Boneless
by Broadleaf
Also known as the bird of royalty, squab offers a delicious taste of haute cuisine. Tender and delicate, this bird boasts all dark meat, even its breasts, lending it a particularly complex and succulent flavor.
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