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Lean, mean elk meat cuts have tons of beef flavor, with a lot less fat and a lot more iron. Steak and Game sources the elk meat we have for sale from New Zealand family-run farms, where the herds are raised free-range and grass-fed. Guaranteed free of any growth hormones and antibiotics, and never, ever given any genetically engineered feed.
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Cervena Elk Strip Loin, Full
from New Zealand by Duncan
This whole muscle cut from the saddle of the Elk is large, naturally tender and perfect to roast whole or to cut into steaks or medallions.
5 out of 5 stars rating (4 reviews)
Cervena Elk NY Strip Loin, Denuded
from New Zealand by Duncan
This is THE elk cut for your grill: large, meaty, full of beefy flavor, yet superbly lean (which means less calories and fat than regular beef).
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (4 reviews)
Cervena Elk Frenched 2 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Duncan
A gorgeous Elk 2-Rib Rack, with a beautifully Frenched bone, these ribs are loaded with delicious all-natural Elk meat, ready for braising or smoking.
5 out of 5 stars rating (8 reviews)
Elk Flank Steaks
from New Zealand by Duncan
Perfect for the whole family, these long and flat flank steaks are cut from the belly of grass-fed, free-range and all-natural New Zealand Elk.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (6 reviews)
Elk Stew Meat, Diced
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Healthy eaters will appreciate this lean, protein-rich red meat in their winter stews, chilis and elk bourguignons
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Elk Loin Chops, Bone In
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
A hefty, juicy and succulent bone-in Elk Loin Chop loaded with a generous amount of lean, tender and flavorful 100% New Zealand Elk meat.
Cervena Elk Frenched 8 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Tender, delicious New Zealand raised elk that’s 100% free range and grass fed. Roast whole or slice and sear!
5 out of 5 stars rating (2 reviews)
Elk Medallions
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Sought after by some of the world’s top-rated chefs, our Elk medallions offer incomparable savory flavor and a tender, fine-grained texture that makes it one of our most popular portions.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (2 reviews)

Elk by Cut

  • Tenderloin


    A great cut, even greater and larger than ever! A larger animal means you get an even more generous piece of this premium cut.
  • Loins and Chops

    Loins and Chops

    Our big, juicy elk loin chops and tender elk NY Strip steaks and medallions are cut above any other red meat.
  • Ribs and Racks

    Ribs and Racks

    Hefty elk ribs and racks are for the unapologetic meat lover only! 2-rib or 8-rib elk racks are tender enough for a quick grilling.
  • Medallions


    Thick and round, incredibly tender and the perfect size and shape for when you want a more sophisticated presentation.
  • Saddle


    All the most premium and most tender cuts - two rib racks, two strip loins, two short loins, and two tenderloins.
  • Leg


    A big, succulent cut of meat: whether you choose it bone-in or boneless, you’ll always get more meat for your buck.
  • Flank Steaks

    Flank Steaks

    The perfect cut for a large gathering – long and flat, these are cut from the underbelly of the elk.
  • Osso Bucco

    Osso Bucco

    When you’re talking elk, everything gets super sized! Large animal means a big leg, which means large shanks with lots of meat.
  • Burgers and Grinds

    Burgers and Grinds

    Elk burgers for magnificent summer barbecues plus grinds for winter stews, elk chili, casseroles and more.
  • Jerky


    Flavorful and soft elk jerky is the perfect low-fat, high protein snack for treks, camping trips, or a burst of energy on the road.
  • Sausages


    Lean, natural and flavorful, a great alternative to pork and beef - ideal for breakfast, casseroles, stews and stuffing.
  • Other Cuts

    Other Cuts

    Looking for more elk cuts? We have them! You’ll find round roast cuts, knuckle and shoulder, plus elk trim and stew meat.

Elk by Type

  • New Zealand Cervena Wapiti Elk

    New Zealand Cervena Wapiti Elk

    The Cervena Appellation comes with a seal of quality and consistency, and always the most tender cuts from Wapiti Elk harvested under 3 years old.
  • New Zealand Wapiti Elk

    New Zealand Wapiti Elk

    A sweeter meat with larger cuts than venison, our New Zealand Wapiti X Elk has a surprisingly tender and incredibly lean dark red meat.

Elk is the largest member of the deer family and is also known as Wapiti. Sometimes confused with moose, they’re a different, smaller species. Elk is almost identical to the common deer in flavor and texture, and you would be hard-pressed to find any big differences. The main and most important difference is in its size, Wapiti Elk delivering larger, more impressive cuts. It’s a naturally lean meat, full of protein and nutrients with almost no fat and less than half the calories of beef. Cook elk like you would deer or venison, keeping in mind that its leanness calls for the addition of fat. If you’re using elk grinds for burgers, add a little fat to the mix. Elk tends to have less of a gamey flavor than venison hunted in America, so it’s a great option to try.

Discover our selection of lean, flavorful elk meat for sale. Shop for large and hearty Frenched Rib Racks, buttery tenderloin, and juicy elk chops. You’ll find elk burgers and sausages for summer grilling, plus delicious grinds for stews, chili, and sauces. Whether you go for our tender and soft elk jerky and or indulge in the round, mouthwatering elk medallions, you’ll always get natural, pasture-raised New Zealand elk meat cuts.

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