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New Zealand Cervena Wapiti Elk

The Cervena Appellation comes with a seal of quality and consistency. With our Cervena Wapiti Elk, you’ll always get tender cuts from Wapiti Elk harvested under 3 years old, always raised free range and grass-fed on pristine New Zealand pastures. Wapiti is a Native American word for “white rump”, and refers to the hybrid cross (hence the “X” in Wapiti) between the Roosevelt or American elk and the New Zealand red deer. Similar to Venison (a very close cousin) in flavor and texture, elk has a sweeter meat, and larger cuts. As with Venison, you get that surprisingly tender yet superbly lean dark red meat, without any of the toughness or gaminess characteristic to hunted game. A great beef flavor, but with one fifth of the fat of regular red meat. Both our Cervena Wapiti Elk, and our regular Wapiti X Elk come from the same small farms, raised in the same way, but only the most premium and most tender cuts make the cut to the Cervena Elk appellation – tenderloin, loin, saddle, ribs and Denver leg.
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Cervena Elk Denver Leg, Boneless
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Frenched 2 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Duncan
A gorgeous Elk 2-Rib Rack, with a beautifully Frenched bone, these ribs are loaded with delicious all-natural Elk meat, ready for braising or smoking.
Cervena Elk Frenched 8 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Leg Denver Leg Portion, Boneless
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk NY Strip Loin, Denuded
from New Zealand by Duncan
This is THE elk cut for your grill: large, meaty, full of beefy flavor, yet superbly lean (which means less calories and fat than regular beef).
Cervena Elk Saddle, Bone In, Split
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Shortloin Saddle, Bone In
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Strip Loin, Full
from New Zealand by Duncan
This whole muscle cut from the saddle of the Elk is large, naturally tender and perfect to roast whole or to cut into steaks or medallions.
Cervena Elk Tenderloin
from New Zealand by Duncan
The most tender cut, one bite of our musky and sweet Elk Tenderloin will have you hooked on this delicious red meat alternative forever.
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