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Also known as the Foreshank, the Brisket is cut from the lower breast of the cow. A good amount of hard-working muscle lives here, so typically a Brisket will be tougher than most other steaks, however, a Wagyu Brisket has loads of fat marbling, thanks to the particular genetics of Wagyu beef, that renders the meat superbly tender and buttery. This Wagyu brisket is practically begging for its turn in the smoker! Perfect for Texas barbecue, pot roasts, and for Wagyu Corned Beef.
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Wagyu Brisket, Flat, MS3
from Australia by Darling Downs
A superbly marbled, tender and juicy Brisket Flat, perfect for smoking, bbq, a Sunday roast or a showcase holiday meal.
Wagyu Brisket, 5 Rib, Deckle Off, MS3
from Australia by Darling Downs
Wagyu Brisket Point, MS3
from Australia by Darling Downs