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Wagyu Brisket Point, MS4

Wagyu Brisket Point, MS4

from Australia by Broadleaf
2 pieces, 6 lbs total chilled $14.50 $173.50 6302601

Wagyu Brisket Point, MS4

In terms of flavor, the brisket point is hard to beat, layered with rich and delicious creamy fat, this translates into bold, beefy flavor and a juicy succulence that makes this cut a chef favorite! Already an incredibly tasty portion, our Brisket Point becomes that much better when made from the deeply savory and incredibly marbled flesh of Wagyu cattle. Ranked MS4 of the Australian Marble Score, even at the leaner end of the spectrum, you’ll find our Wagyu boasts a higher amount of intramuscular fat than even the most well-marbled grass-fed beef.

Located at the bottom of the chest, the Brisket receives constant use and thus requires a large amount of connective tissue and fat. While almost inedible, if prepared quickly like a steak, the Brisket is transformed into a succulent, rich meal if cooked low and slow, making it perfect for braising or smoking. While sometimes sold whole, more often, you’ll find the Brisket separated into two portions, the Flat and the Point (also known as the Deckle). The Point comes from the top of the Brisket earning its name from its distinctly pointy shape and is the fattier section of the two. As mentioned, the Brisket is a well-used cut and requires long cooking times, meaning the more fat, the better. This fat melts into the meat during preparation imbuing it with flavor while keeping the beef moist and preventing anything from getting too dry.

Sourced from one of the leading gourmet and exotic meat purveyors in the world, Broadleaf supplies the majority of our Wagyu beef. With careful attention to quality and consistency, Broadleaf has curated a selection of Australian Wagyu that is unmatched in terms of caliber and flavor outside of Japan. Using the same time tested methods first employed in the far east, our 100% Wagyu heritage cattle are carefully monitored throughout their lives to ensure they adhere to the strict diet and lifestyle that makes their flesh a global luxury. Try this delightful Australian Wagyu beef for yourself and taste the difference this gourmet meat makes in all your favorite recipes and preparations.

Marble Score: 3
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6302601 2 pieces, 6 lbs total 10.00 lbs. - 14.00 lbs. $14.50


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