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Wagyu Beef Coulotte Steaks

The culoutte steak is also known as the Top Sirloin Cap, or as the increasingly popular Picanha, which is how they call this cut in Brazil and in the north of Argentina. Cut from the Top Sirloin, it boasts a large cap of fat at the top and generous marbling. This triangular cut is both robustly flavored and beautifully interwoven with intramuscular fat, making it also tender and soft.
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If you’ve had and loved Picanha in a Brazilian churrascaria, you’ll love the Wagyu version of this cut, which is much more tender than regular beef coulotte. To prepare Wagyu coulotte or picanha, season simply with salt and pepper, and pan-fry, or brown and finish in the oven. While regular beef picanha can be on the tougher side, the amble marbling of Wagyu beef makes this cut exceptionally tender. You can have the coulotte in steaks or as a whole roast to cook whole. Always remember to cut against the grain for the best texture! This cut is also great for kebabas, so grab some skewers. With Wagyu Coulotte you get the best of both worlds – prime Japanese Wagyu breeds and the spectacular Brazilian picanha cut, so hard to find in the US. Beautiful webbings of fat throughout, and that great cap of fat to crown it all.

Our Wagyu coulotte and picanha cuts at Steaks and Game are sourced from premium Australian Wagyu, from herds they constantly monitored to ensure Japanese feed ration standards and only Wagyu genetics pass on. The prized breeds are allowed to roam free in pristine Australian pastures, and later finished on 300 days of grain for extra succulence.