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Wagyu Coulotte Steak, Baseball Steak, MS3

Wagyu Coulotte Steak, Baseball Steak, MS3, PRE-ORDER

from Australia by Broadleaf
12 pieces, 8-9 oz ea frozen $49.88 $324.22 6304101

Wagyu Coulotte Steak, Baseball Steak, MS3, PRE-ORDER

The Australian Wagyu beef supply is currently very limited, so we can only offer this product by pre-order at this time. This means items usually ship out within two to three weeks but may ship out later or earlier, as stock becomes available. This item is NOT eligible for our Requested Delivery Date program and can not be guaranteed for delivery on a specific date.

Our Wagyu Baseball steaks are positively bursting with bold meaty flavor and a juicy, succulent quality that will have you coming back for seconds! Lean, thick, and flavorful, it’s a versatile portion that can be prepared as simply or as elaborately as desired. Carefully trimmed of all exterior fat, our Wagyu Baseball steaks require absolutely no prep, making them an easy option for busy weeknight dinners or the solution to spur-of-the-moment entertaining. Quick, easy, and tasty, if you haven’t tried our Wagyu baseball steaks yet, don’t wait another moment!

So what is a Baseball steak exactly? While easy enough to find if you know what you’re looking for, this unique cut is generally quite hard to spot in the meat department at your local grocery store. Sourced from the Sirloin, this portion is home to some of our favorite and most flavorful cuts of beef, including T-bone, Porterhouse, and Club steaks. The Coulotte (or Picanha as it’s also called) comes from the most highly prized portion of the Sirloin, the top. Used less than the rest of the muscle, this is the area that remains most tender. The Baseball cut is taken from the center of this top Sirloin and earns its name thanks to its slightly rounded shape which is emphasized during the cooking process as the meat contracts. Sliced thick, this juicy cut’s elegant proportions are similar to a Filet Mignon, adding a refined look to the plate while available at a much lower price point.

A chef’s secret weapon, this flavorful portion becomes even juicier and more tender when sourced from generously marbled Wagyu beef. While our MS3 represents the leaner end of the Marbling Scale, it still touts more luscious and creamy fat than even the most well-marbled grass-fed varieties. Thanks to centuries of careful breeding and selection, Wagyu cattle are predisposed to store fat evenly throughout their muscles resulting in beef that is beautifully juicy, flavorful, and extremely tender. Initially, a distinctly Japanese product, Wagyu’s delicious characteristics have made it a widely sought after luxury product, and attempts to recreate the same farming practices all over the world have sprung up.

While many have tried, few locations have been as successful as Australia. Sustainable farms situated throughout the vast expanses of the Outback have carefully followed the same time-tested methods first made famous in Japan and are raising their Wagyu cattle to an exacting standard that has garnered attention all over the world. Broadleaf has located some of the most successful of these Australian ranches and has curated a list of some of the finest Australian Wagyu available, including these Wagyu baseball steaks. Try them for yourself today and taste all the delicious qualities of true Wagyu beef presented at its finest!

Marble Score: 3
Availability: Usually ships within 22 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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6304101 12 pieces, 8-9 oz ea 6.00 lbs. - 6.75 lbs. $49.88