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Wagyu Strip Loin, MS10, Whole

Wagyu Strip Loin, MS10, Whole

from Japan by The Wagyu
2 strip loins, 13 lbs ea chilled $141.34 $3674.84
2 strip loins, 13 lbs ea frozen $132.14 $3435.64

Wagyu Strip Loin, MS10, Whole

Unbelievably well-marbled, our MS10 boneless Wagyu strip loin boasts rich, savory flavor, a soft and yielding texture, and a juicy succulence unmatched by other beef options. Ranked MS10 on the marbling score, our top-grade Wagyu represents the pinnacle of luxury beef. Expertly butchered and broken down, it’s never been easier to fabricate a whole strip loin into just what you need! From individual medallions to thick-cut steaks and hefty roasts, save money on premium Wagyu while enjoying truly bespoke gourmet beef. Sourced from the area located right below the backbone, the loin is home to so many of our favorite cuts, including but certainly not limited to: the tenderloin, the strip loin, porterhouse steaks, t-bones, and a whole lot more!

Sourced from the country where it all began, this premium MS10 Wagyu comes straight from Japan. Raised using the same time-tested farming methods that originally made Wagyu beef famous, these cattle are fed a strict diet of fiber and high energy concentrate made from rice, wheat, and hay. Fed three times a day for roughly two years, the cattle are not ready for harvest until a total of 50% of their body weight is made up of fat. This ultra-high ratio of fat is the key to Wagyu’s greatness. That wonderfully rich and creamy webbing of fat evenly dispersed over cuts of Wagyu, melt into the meat during the cooking process and imbue it with an intensely buttery savory flavor, a soft melt-in-your-mouth texture, and help maintain its moisture, so you’re left with a truly juicy steak.

When you order our whole MS10 Wagyu Strip Loin, you’ll receive two 13-pound loins, ready to be roasted whole or cut down into steaks. Beautifully hand-trimmed, you’ll find little prep required to transform this whole strip loin to suit your culinary needs. Shipped in well-insulated boxes, our Wagyu will arrive at your door still chilled and can be immediately placed in the fridge for quick cooking or into the freezer if you’re waiting until later to prepare it. Thanks to our wide variety of gourmet meats and our expedited delivery service, you’ll find it’s never been easier to start cooking with and enjoying the wonderful taste of luxury MS10 Wagyu beef from Japan.

Marble Score: 10
Availability: Usually ships within 4 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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6309001 2 strip loins, 13 lbs ea 23.00 lbs. - 29.00 lbs. $141.34
6309002 2 strip loins, 13 lbs ea 23.00 lbs. - 29.00 lbs. $132.14