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Wagyu Tenderloin, MS10, Whole

Wagyu Tenderloin, MS10, Whole

from Japan by The Wagyu
2 tenderloins, 9 lbs ea chilled $141.34 $2544.12
2 tenderloins, 9 lbs ea frozen $132.14 $2378.52

Wagyu Tenderloin, MS10, Whole

Arguably the best cut of meat from any cow, the tenderloin is a universal favorite thanks to its succulent, tender qualities and its velvety fine-grained texture. When this luscious cut is married with all the legendary characteristics of MS10 Wagyu beef, the result is a meat eater’s greatest dream come true. Masterfully prepared by our expert butchers, our whole Wagyu tenderloins are carefully hand-trimmed to minimize prep work, making them a cinch to fabricate into anything from roasts to fillets and medallions.

Prized for its rich marbling and buttery taste, Wagyu is known around the world as the king of beef. The word Wagyu literally translates to “Japanese Cow,” and generally refers to four main breeds: Kuroge, Akage, Mukaku, and Nihon Tankaku. Bred for extreme physical endurance this particular quality directly translates to a much higher percentage of intramuscular fat, which is also more evenly distributed throughout the cow. This results in a pink rather than red meat that is incredibly tender and beautifully flecked all over with a rich, creamy webbing of fat. Wagyu is so highly valued in Japan that the Japanese government makes every effort to regulate all aspects of Wagyu production within the country, ensuring it retains both its value and high quality.

Sourced from Japan, our cattle are raised using all the ancient techniques and practices that have made Wagyu a global luxury food. Ranked 10, on the marbling scale, this is the best that beef can get. With every last inch of meat covered in rich and delicious fat, this is the juiciest, the tenderest, and the most flavorful meat you’ll ever taste. Perfect for a wide range of preparations, transform all your favorite recipes, and elevate your cooking with our gourmet MS10 Wagyu tenderloin!

Marble Score: 10
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6308901 2 tenderloins, 9 lbs ea 16.00 lbs. - 20.00 lbs. $141.34
6308902 2 tenderloins, 9 lbs ea 16.00 lbs. - 20.00 lbs. $132.14


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