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Great Main Dish Alternatives For The Holidays!

Move Over Turkey This Year we’re Rethinking the Traditional Thanksgiving Bird

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving the classic way, no one can dispute that the star of the show is generally considered turkey. But for small gatherings and those who aim to buck tradition rather than perpetuate it, the best place to start rethinking your Thanksgiving festivities would be with the bird.

There are no end of delicious alternatives to turkey. Many of them are so elegant and tasty you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried something new sooner. Read on for our favorite tasty substitutes!

Game Birds

For the host who only has a few to feed (or prefers not to be swimming in leftover turkey for weeks post-holiday), opting for a smaller bird has a lot of appeal. Just right for any sized holiday gathering, small birds like guinea hens and pheasants are flexible to the size of your gathering. Roast them in whatever quantity you need depending on the size of the guest list. Offering a personal touch, present each diner with a personal quail or squab for an elegant Thanksgiving meal your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.


From boneless loins to an elegant stuffed crown roast, lamb is always a great option when looking to present a striking centerpiece. Mild and tender: our New Zealand sourced lamb lends itself to any flavor profile you’re after. Its excellent taste, coupled with its unparalleled looks will draw oohs and aahs of delight from all your lucky guests.


Give thanks the way they most likely did on that first Thanksgiving by choosing Venison as your main. Its rich red meat offers bold flavor and pairs well with all seasonal produce. Perfectly complimented by turnips, pumpkin, squash, and potato, Venison seems practically designed to be featured during Thanksgiving. An elegant frenched rib rack or velvety tenderloin medallions will look elegant and feed a group!

Wagyu Beef

The pinnacle of beef, Wagyu is always the perfect choice for a special occasion. Offering sumptuous flavor and incredibly tender texture thanks to its generous marbling, you’ll wonder why you’ve been serving turkey for so long. From tenderloin to tomahawk steaks, prime rib, and everything in between, the options are endless when it comes to Wagyu. Guaranteed to be delicious no matter what portion you choose, there’s a reason it’s described as the best beef in the world.


Try a continental take on Thanksgiving this year by opting for Capon. Many French and Italian families center their festivities around these succulent birds. Offering dynamic flavor, you’ll manage to produce a juicier bird than you could with turkey. Roast it in the classic fashion or stuff it with foie gras for a gourmet take on tradition.


There’s a reason pork takes center stage at so many of our other traditional holiday celebrations. Its uniquely delicious flavor and versatility make it a favorite with all. A great alternative, pork blends in seamlessly with the classic Thanksgiving sides making it the obvious choice. From Berkshire to Iberico, we have some of the finest pork in the world, available in all your favorite cuts. Feature anything from a succulent tenderloin to a luscious smoked ham, get ready for the compliments to roll in.

So whether you’re looking for something a little more exotic, like our range of gourmet game meats, or you want to offer your guests luxury mains like Wagyu beef or Iberico pork, we’ve got you covered at Steaks and Game. Start with our suggestions and work your way through our entire catalog of options to make this Thanksgiving your tastiest to date!

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