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Why We Should All Be Eating Hawaiian Axis Venison

Why We Should All Be Eating Hawaiian Axis Venison

It’s time to branch out and bring out meats that are more exotic, more flavorful, and more sustainable. And so, we proudly introduce: Axis Venison. If you want to take your menu to the next level this fall, allow your friends and family to experience exotic, wild deer meat straight from Hawaii.

Utilizing Axis Venison is already common on the islands. Each year, this flavorful, tender source of protein has grown in availability from Hawaiian markets to meat markets all the way in Colorado and Utah.

Axis Venison is also featured in restaurants coast to coast. Wild Venison isn’t easy to come by legally, and this is a great source of flavorful meat that is now available on the continent as well as the Hawaiian Islands. Local chefs on Maui and Oahu feature Axis Venison on a consistent basis as a wonderful, flavorful meat that is versatile and doesn’t have the gamey taste found in most species of deer. There are always new recipes popping up. It’s a viable way for them to do their part to keep the Axis Deer population under control.

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The Maui Axis Venison Story

Axis Venison are a problem on the Hawaiian Islands (and we have the solution…:wink:). Introduced to the islands in the 19th century, the deer are an invasive species and have no natural predators. They feed on exotic plant life and wild grasses that are the lifeblood of Hawaii’s ecosystem. ‘Super herds’ can wipe out entire crops overnight and destroy the livelihood of local farmers and ranchers. Their numbers grew from 12 to nearly 60,000 in just a century, which means “overpopulation” is an understatement when talking about Axis deer.

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That’s why local Hawaiians Kimo Tuyay and Jake Muise started Maui Nui in 2014. Their goal was to harvest wild Axis deer for all to enjoy, and by doing so protecting the fragile ecosystems of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui Nui harvests each deer under the supervision of a USDA regulator to ensure immediate processing and is thus some of the freshest venison you can find on the market. The meat is ultra-lean, and because of their diet, loaded with micronutrients and wonderful venison flavor.

Our Cuts

Axis Venison comes in a variety of cuts and each cut seems to have its own personality. There are multiple options ranging from searing and braising to smoking to just straight grilling. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite cuts, so you can decide what’s best for you and your crew.

Boneless Axis Venison Shoulder

Venison shoulder is a thick shoulder cut that arrives whole and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Traditionally, a venison shoulder is full of succulent internal flavors that release when slow cooked or braised over a long time. Using a slow-go method draws out the juices from the meat and leaves you with a moist, tender, and succulent roast. Purists stick to a simple seasoning combination of olive oil, salt and pepper before roasting, but garlic, rosemary, and sage are also popular.

Axis Venison Frenched 8-Rib Rack

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Venison rack is classy when plated and tender meat surrounds each bone. Maui Nui takes that tenderness to the next level as they have a strict no-stress policy when they harvest the deer. What does that mean for you? Juicy, tender venison rack that looks elegant in any setting. Our Frenched 8 racks arrive ready to cook. Slow roast or braise the rack like you would a venison shoulder to draw out all of those wonderful bone juices to the surface. Or, try pre-cutting each rib individually into steaks for pan-searing. Either way, onions are a natural complement to this cut of meat. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory!

Axis Venison Osso Bucco

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Osso Bucco is Italian for bone with a hole and references the marrow hole at the center of the cross cut of a shank. Axis Venison Osso Bucco is a shank full of rich, earthy flavors and marrow that is unique. Remember, this is a bone-in shank, which means the muscle is dense from a lot of use during the life of the animal. Slow cooking Osso Bucco is the way to go for sure. It’s the perfect method to ensure you serve tender, flavorful cuts on every plate. Many recipes out there will throw a variety of roasted vegetables with the roast and even some stock to soften things up and add more flavor.

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