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The Best Cuts For A Holiday Feast

The Best Cuts For A Holiday Feast

Whether you’re throwing an over-the-top gathering for all your family and friends, or just a simple soiree for your select few, here are some of our favorite cuts for your Holiday table. From traditional classics to new and unique options, these are guaranteed to make the evening merry and bright with flavor!

Holiday Ham

A traditional as eggnog, you really can’t go wrong with this holiday classic. Ham is a great entrée when you expect a large group, but it might not be the best choice if you’re having, say, 4 people for dinner. But if you do decide to go the ham route, a Berkshire ham is a superb choice. From the famed Kurobuta Berkshire breed of pigs, our hams are pre-smoked so you really don’t have much work to do on them, saving you time to prep side dishes, appetizers and desserts.

holiday ham

The Rack

This will certainly earn you points for presentation! A dramatic, succulent rack roast is an impressive holiday main dish. A bone-in pork loin roast can be easily baked in the oven with a few of your favorite spices and herbs, but keep in mind that to get that perfectly juicy flavor you’ll want to go slow and low, which means more prep time. You can watch some classic Christmas movies while you wait, and think of the payoff! Tender, delicious pork that you can present whole at the table or in individual chops with your favorite sides, and of course, major applause.

pork rack roast

Leg of Lamb

Another take on the traditional Christmas roast, a leg of lamb is a great choice for the holiday table. It’s especially great when it comes from our New Zealand lamb, which unlike the domestic varieties, is milder and more tender, and smaller as well, so you can easily serve this for a smaller family feast. As with any roast, you can pick your favorite rubs or marinades to go with it, as well as a variety of sides, from simple to complex. You can also opt for a boneless lamb, which will cook more evenly, although you might sacrifice a bit of flavor – which you can easily compensate with a great stuffing. Either way you slice it, it’s just gorgeous!

holiday leg of lamb

Beef Brisket

Those are two words that get our salivary glands working! Ah, the deliciously endless possibilities of a divine beef brisket. We love having this on special occasions, when really we should be eating this spectacular cut on a regular basis. The trick to brisket is moisture, and patience, so if you’re a pro at this, sous vide should be your technique of choice. Instead of laboring over a barbecue, you just let this baby cook itself. If sous vide is not your jam, you can go the traditional route with the oven, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, bust out the bbq. Brisket is perfect to make ahead, so you’ll be saving some time there as well.


Elegant Birds

Perhaps you’re all family-and-friended-out after Thanksgiving and want to spend Christmas in a more intimate setting. We’re all for that! Smaller doesn’t mean less sophisticated, or impressive, especially if you pick something unique like Quail or Pheasant for the holiday entrée. These little birds might be small, but they’re big in flavor, cook in mere minutes and can be dressed up sweet sauces or savory herbs. Choose a semi-boneless bird if you’re looking to save prep time. Roasted or pan-seared, it’s a wonderful, festive choice for the holiday table.

christmas quail
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