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What Is Jidori Chicken

What Is Jidori Chicken

In the world of fine food, there are some items that are gourmet, delicious, highly prized, and relatively well-known. Then, there are ingredients and foods that are so exclusive that they achieve a cult-like following. Let us introduce you to Jidori Chicken, the best-kept secret (well, not so secret anymore) amongst chefs.

jidori chicken breast

Often referred to the “Kobe Beef” of chicken, there’s more to Jidori than a regional denomination. Jidori is more like a brand name of a premium chicken with roots in a crossbreed of the prized Japanese Hinaidori chicken with the Rhode Island Red breed, to create a robustly flavored chicken. But the origin and breed if only part of the story of Jidori – and an exceedingly small one.

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jidori chicken

Jidori chicken made it debut in American tables in the 1990s, when Dennis Mao saw the opportunity and place for premium, organic, free-range chickens in the US food market. From a Chinese American family in the food distribution industry, Mao had the know-how to introduce this gourmet item into the marketplace. He set out to deliver to chefs in Los Angeles a chicken that was distinguished by its freshness – the birds are delivered within 24 hours of slaughter to the table. They’re never frozen, which means a lot less water retention, and a full, rich chicken flavor that industrial-style chicken cannot mimic. Mao managed to get the attention of a few well-renowned chefs early on, like Wolfgang Puck, and the word spread of this super fresh, super flavorful chicken that was as good as farm to table as you could get. Mao's Jidori Chicken available in whole birds and cuts like breasts, thighs, wings, and legs.

jidori birds

Jidori is purported to be so fresh, it is sometimes served raw, sashimi style. Jidori chickens are all-natural, meaning they are not given antibiotics, hormones, or fed any animal by-products. They’re raised free range, humanely in small farms in California. It’s at its root the simplest of product – a healthy, farm-raised chicken. The result is breasts that are tasty and creamy, a natural chicken flavor, and a natural product that you’ll be proud to serve to your family and friends. A farm-fresh chicken, wherever you live.

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