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Our Guide To the Smarter Cuts of Beef

Our Guide To the Smarter Cuts of Beef

Looking for a single cut of grass-fed beef that can last your family the entire week? Look no further than our lineup of favorites below! From chuck roast to skirt steak and everything in between, we have a detailed list of flavorful cuts that will carry you through the weekend! By doing a little educated shopping and opting for some of the lesser-known options, you can make your meat budget go further than ever, and eat like a king every night!

Choosing Your Meat, Grass vs Grain

The first, and most important, element of choosing any meat is to consider its nutritional benefits. There’s far more to buying the right beef than simply being able to choose the correct cut and grade. Investing in grass-fed meat gives your dishes a richer more robust flavor, not to mention more of the minerals and vitamins our bodies need. Grass-fed beef is one of the most nutrient-dense forms of protein you can buy. Flavorful and completely organic, with no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs, our list of options is not only more delicious than the alternative but healthier too! Invest in your well-being and add a bold meaty flavor to your next meal, by opting for grass-fed and finished meats like the ones we offer at Steaks and Game!.

Flank Steak

The flank is one of the primal cuts of beef, located directly beneath the loin. Just a little over 12 inches long, and roughly half that in width, flank steak is a thin cut that at first glance doesn’t appear to be very large. Once prepared and sliced into portions, however, this is one of those pieces of meat that stretches! Like the proverbial loaves and fishes, it will seem to multiply as if by magic. A relatively lean meat, flank is extraordinarily flavorful (especially if you opt for the grass-fed variety), but generally quite tough. When prepared correctly, though, it can yield some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever try. With its rough texture, flank steak is excellent at soaking up the flavor of marinades. Steeping in liquid also helps break down proteins in the meat, making it tender. With a little planning, flank steak is one of the quickest meats to prepare. A few minutes on each side, then thinly sliced against the grain, yields enough portions to feed your family for the rest of the week!

Opt for an all-purpose marinade that doesn’t stick to a certain flavor profile. A mixture like this lends seasoning without boxing you into any, one dish or cuisine, so you can add your finished flank to a hearty salad one night, then use the leftovers in fajitas or quesadillas the next. A delicious and versatile cut like flank steak makes a single piece of meat last all week, and adds bold, delicious flavor to any meal!

Chuck Roast

A large cut that really stretches, Chuck Roast is the ideal meat for big family dinners, pot lucks, and lots of delicious leftovers. Grass-fed chuck is much leaner than its grain-fed counterparts with a more robust and complex flavor. Cut from the shoulder, just above the short rib, Chuck roast is best when braised or roasted. The low and slow method of cooking breaks down the muscle until it’s fall-apart tender and brings all the flavors intrinsic to this savory cut to the forefront. Cooked in a rich stock, along with some carrots, onions, and potatoes, it’s the perfect pot roast. Even better the next day, transform the leftovers into a completely different dish like creamy beef stroganoff, chuck roast pot pie, enchiladas, or shredded beef sliders. Positively bursting with flavor, this tender meat slips easily into a host of different dishes and flavor profiles.


A favorite among barbecue lovers, brisket is a delightful cut of beef. This succulent piece of meat is flat, heavy, and riddled with flavorful fat! Delicious prepared in many ways, it benefits from low, slow cooking. Try it braised, smoked, or grilled, and served alongside a host of flavorful sauces. Mouthwatering and budget-friendly, grass-fed brisket can be sliced to serve a crowd or portioned up for family meals throughout the week. Try adding it to your baked beans in place of pork for a flavorful alternative. Make shredded beef tacos, brisket chili, or incorporate it into your next grilled cheese sandwich for a delicious upgrade. There are so many wonderful recipes where a well-cooked brisket fits in perfectly, adding a powerful savory flavor and a little extra protein!

Hanger and Skirt Steak

Skirt or hanger steaks are one of our favorite cuts of meat. Full of flavor, quick to cook, and extremely versatile, they easily transition from one dish to another. A relatively thin long piece of beef, skirt steak is sourced from the belly of the animal and is extremely flavorful. Hanger steak is similar to skirt in flavor and texture, coming from an area just below the skirt that “hangs” off the diaphragm. This inexpensive cut goes by the name of "butcher’s steak" as well because butcher’s and chefs have long knowingly saved this juicy cut for themselves. A tender portion, skirt and hanger steaks don’t need to be marinaded for hours on end. Ten minutes is enough for these cuts to absorb all the flavor and moisture they need. Cook it over the grill, pan sear, or even broil, for a quick and effective last-minute dish that makes enough for an army. Use up the leftovers in some delicious beef fajitas. Garnish homemade nachos or compost fries with chunks of flavorful steak, or create some next-level Philly cheese-steak sandwiches. There are a million and one ways to put these delicious cuts to good use! By batch cooking your protein for the week you also able to create fast weeknight dishes, and by swapping your sides and seasonings, achieve variety in each meal.

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