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Steaks And GameThe Grill BlogView All PostsBarbecue Season's Best Cuts for the Grill

Barbecue Season's Best Cuts for the Grill

Barbecue Season's Best Cuts for the Grill  | Steaks and Game

The sun is out, and your grill should be too! The Summer months, with their long evenings, are the perfect time of year to grill out; your kitchen staying cool is an added bonus. Capable of so much more than the plebeian hamburger, your guests will thank you for offering something a little more gourmet.



Adding smokiness, depth, and those iconic grill marks, cooking outdoors pushes your favorite cuts of meat to their full potential. But where to start?

When confronted with a case of meat, the assortment can be somewhat overwhelming. However, at Steaks and Game, that’s our specialty. Allow us to walk you through some of our favorite cuts to throw on the grill this Summer, so you’re prepared for everything from large gatherings to a simple date night in the backyard.

Flat Iron Steak

Often imitated but never duplicated, the flat iron steak though similar in look to the skirt and flank steaks, is actually entirely different and is sourced from the shoulder, also commonly known as the chuck. Originating from a more relaxed part of the cow: the chuck gets less use, resulting in a higher and more evenly distributed amount of fat.

Boasting a relatively high-fat content and a wonderfully uniform thickness, flat iron steak is the ideal vehicle for marinades and sauces. Slice up thin, plate, and pass this sensational meat around for everyone to enjoy. Versatile and utterly delicious, it’s an obvious favorite.

The only rule is to keep it simple. A little attentive grilling coupled with the excellent characteristics of the flat iron makes this cut a winner every time.




One cannot think of grilling for long without thinking of ribs. Of all the meats on our list, the rib may be the most popular portion to throw on the grates, and when done correctly, the succulent results speak for themselves.

Savory, smoky, and sweet, while many love enjoying a rack or two, even some of the boldest home cooks won't attempt making ribs. Thanks to an impression of time-consuming prep and a need for big expensive smokers and hard-to-find varieties of wood, the most avid rib connoisseur may go his whole grilling career without making them.

However, upon closer inspection, trimming the silver skin becomes simple (it all comes off in one piece), and any grill from your backyard Big Green Egg to the tiniest Kingsford can churn out some delightful ribs, we promise.

The key is to cook your meat covered in an aluminum pan. This allows them to cook long and slow without sacrificing any of the tender juiciness. In the home stretch: transfer your ribs to the grate to get those delightful grill marks. Inexpensive, low-maintenance, and so gratifying, ribs are sure to become your go-to favorite when serving a crowd.

Chicken Thighs & Drumsticks


grilled chicken

A controversial choice, grilling chicken is a touchy prospect. Not as simple as many other cuts, one does not simply throw chicken on the grill and cook until crisp. The interior temperature of chicken is much more crucial than that of other meats, and getting thighs and drumsticks to cook evenly is difficult. When done right, however, grilled chicken is so exceptionally delicious we had to include it in our lineup along with a few ways of perfectly cooking your bird.

While dark meat is not everyone’s first choice, it does fare better on the grill. White meat, which cooks much faster, has a tendency to dry out, and while backyard grills impart a lot of delicious flavors, their temperature is hard to control. This unruly and often high heat will overcook your meat leaving it dry.

An easy workaround is to partially cook your chicken before placing it on the grill. That way, you can be certain it remains moist and juicy while also getting those chard edges and crispy burnt skin. Or vice versa, start your chicken on the grill, and when the exterior is to your liking, place it in the oven to finish cooking to perfection.




grilled burgers

Our slightly disparaging remarks about hamburgers at the beginning of this article in no way reflect hate for this classic barbecue sandwich. In fact, we love burgers so much we wouldn’t consider creating a Summer grilling essentials list without them.

The undisputed champion of the backyard gathering, this Summer staple has the capacity to be one of the best things you enjoy all season long. Unfortunately, all too often, a pleasant afternoon is ruined by the introduction of a dry, tasteless hockey puck on buns. The art of cooking a good burger can be tricky, and cooking them on a grill introduces a few more pitfalls to the average home griller making your chances of a juicy medium-rare burger close to zero at most functions.

The key to creating a great burger comes with understanding. Not the same thing as a steak, a burger is ground, and the fibers pulverized. Like a sieve, meat in this form tends to leak out all the juices during the cooking process, leaving you with those far too common dried-out patties.

To avoid moisture loss, handle your burgers as little as possible. Flip only when you have to, and, for heaven’s sake, don’t press them down with your spatula. When you have achieved the ideal caramelized exterior, turn down the heat and finish your patties low and slow. Armed with these tips, your neighbors will soon be asking you for grilling advice!

Lamb Chops


grilled lab

Often overlooked whether it’s due to price or taste, lamb is a delightful grilling option far too many of us miss or, (heaven forfend) avoid. However, a beautifully cooked lamb chop is one of the most delicious things your grill can produce the key is starting with the right meat.

The most common objection is that lamb is too gamey, but if one starts with a quality cut, there is no fear of this complaint. Look for bright pink meat with smooth white fat and red streaks still plainly visible throughout the bone. These signs of freshness and youth promise a sweet and mild lamb everyone’s sure to love.

Be sure not to overcook your lamb, allowing its internal temperature to climb above 150F promises tough, gamey meat despite the quality of the original portion. Bearing these two bits of grill top wisdom in mind, you’re sure to produce a tender and decadent lamb chop.



grilled sausages

More flavorful than the hot dog, gourmet pork or smoked duck sausage offers a tempting yet approachable option popular with all. A good sausage provides everything one looks for in a delightful meal. Seasoned evenly, always juicy, and promising that delightful snap of texture with every bite. Always a reasonable price, they’re also one of the most economical options on our list, so you can easily feed the whole family and their friends. With a wide variety of choices ranging from the type of meat to seasoning and preparation style, none of your guests will ever get bored with the options.

The key to making the most of the humble banger is to avoid direct high heat. We instead recommend simmering your sausages in an aluminum pan. Flavorful liquids like broths or beer will infuse them with even more flavor, and the slow, moist cooking method will prevent your sausages from splitting and becoming wrinkled and deflated. Finish your links with a few minutes on the grates to stamp them with grill marks and impart that final layer of flavor.

Our list complete, along with tips and tricks to preparing our favorite cuts in the best way possible you’re ready to take on the grilling season. And thanks to Steaks and Game, you can easily order all your favorite meats right here. With the click of a button, you’ll have delicious gourmet meats shipped straight to your door. Make this Summer the tastiest yet with Steaks and Game!

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