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3 Recipes For a Delicious Easter Dinner!

3 Recipes For a Delicious Easter Dinner!

Easter is a few weeks away, and with it comes the yearly dilemmas – brunch or lunch or dinner? Lamb, ham or fish? Chocolate eggs or bunnies? Well, we can help you out with a at least one of those (maybe two, chocolate bunnies rule)!

We’re so used to seeing a classic ham or a Lamb crown roast at the Easter table that sometimes we forget that neither is mandatory – seriously, there is no Easter police that will come after us if we serve neither. And that there are so many flavorful options we can pick from that are just as delicious, and in many cases, much less time consuming and no less impressive. Because yes, a delicious rack of lamb looks impressive at the table but not everyone has the time nor the inclination to prep it, or perhaps you’re just not that big on lamb, it happens! A glazed ham is also pretty laborious, and perhaps you’re all hammed out after Christmas. No judgement here, just some great alternatives for a fabulous Easter main dish!

Lamb Sirloin In Sherry Sauce Recipe

This is a GREAT alternative for serving lambs for smaller gatherings and requires less time and less fuss than any recipe involving bones – which are a bit messy to eat, if we’re honest – but is impressive enough you’ll be proud to serve it for a special occasion. The mild and tender sirloin pieces of our New Zealand lamb were the perfect cut to stuff with minced garlic and fragrant rosemary. We then seared it for that mouthwatering crust and baked for 20 minutes. We deglazed the same pan with Bristol Cream Sherry (yum!) until caramelized with butter and served.

lamb sirloin recipe

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Blue Cheese and Cognac Figs Recipe

Pork tenderloin is the perfect choice for Easter dinner – again, no bones makes this cut easier to manage and to serve, and it’s also ideal for stuffing. Plus, there is really no occasion that our Berkshire and Iberico pork tenderloins don’t make better! In this recipe, we first marinated figs in cognac (which you can skip if you’re not into figs…or cognac!), then butterflied the tenderloin and stuffed it with creamy blue cheese, rosemary and garlic, then tied. A flavorful rub, a slow roast with plenty of basting for extra juiciness, and you’ve got a tender, flavorful Easter main dish.

pork tenderloin
pork tenderloin

Grass Fed Top Sirloin Roast With Herb Crust Recipe

We’re on a sirloin roll! This time, featuring a Grass Fed Top Sirloin roast. This is a simple recipe that lets that great beefy flavor of our New Zealand grass fed cattle really shine – robust, full of the taste of pastured beef. We crust it with a blend of bread crumbs, butter, herbs and spices, then roast on high for 10 minutes, followed by a lower roast for another 20. Juicy and tender, rich and flavorful, you can serve this with pretty much any side – sea salt roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables, rice, couscous…

grass fed top sirloin recipe

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