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Great Game Day Recipes

The Perfect Game Day Menu | Steak and Game

Prime sports season is upon us. Football is gearing up, baseball is winding down and hockey and basketball never seem to end anyway. The world series is so hot this year, it’s breaking records, and thermostats, right and left. Football continues to surprise weekend after weekend. It’s hard to tear our eyes away from the TV.

Weekends spent with friends and family watching your favorite team is the perfect excuse for cooking delicious, and sometimes a little indulgent, dishes to share around the couch. Here's our perfect Game Day Menu!

Wagyu Beef Sliders With Blue Cheese


wagyu beef sliders

Just the mention of Wagyu Beef gets our mouths watering. This tender, rich meat is perfect for a sophisticated burger. Make these mini sliders prior to the boys arriving and throw them on the grill right before kickoff. Or pan fry them if it’s already snowing outside. Tangy blue cheese, caramelized onions, and parsley mayo round out the toppings. These flavorful treats are sure to be your go-to hors d'oeuvres for next weekend.

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Truffle Fries


Truffle French Fries Recipet

Have you ever tried making your own french fries? If so, you know how much better they are to frozen or store-bought. It not, you’re in for a treat. Practice your julienning skills and quickly fry these taters up in peanut oil. Now comes the secret ingredient. Spurge on a bottle of black truffle oil and toss the fries in a bowl lightly coated with the oil. This incredible flavor will bowl your guests over. We recommend going completely European and serving these babies with truffle aioli.

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Fried Alligator Bites


Fried Alligator Bites Recipe

Fried anything is always good, but fried gator? Get ready to snap your jaws shut on these tender morsels and never let go! Cut up gator tail into bite sized pieces and coat in buttermilk laced with Sriracha. A good companion to the fries, you can fry them up in the same peanut oil and serve both with garlic and truffle aioli for maximum mayo intake.

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