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Lamb Ribs and Racks

The most dramatic presentation, our French-trimmed racks of lamb are a stunning sight to behold (and hold!) at the dinner table. Only 100% New Zealand grass-fed and pasture-raised lambs are sourced for our customers, ensuring an all-natural, lean and flavorful product. The lovely layer of fact gives it a boost of flavor and keeps the meat moist as it cooks, making these lamb rib racks perfect to roast. Because New Zealand lambs are smaller than American animals, calculate around four grass-fed lamb ribs per person.
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Lamb 7-8 Frenched Rib Racks, Frozen
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
A show-stopping rack of lamb is just the thing to impress your guests, but it's the mild and rich lamb flavor that's the real winner here.
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