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What is Venison?

You may have heard how venison is a delicious and healthy substitute for beef and other red meats. But what is venison, exactly?

The term venison refers to the meat (usually muscles, but also organs) obtained from deer. Originating from the Latin verb venari, meaning “to hunt,” the term was originally applied to severatougl game meats including deer, rabbits, goats and pigs, but in recent centuries has narrowed down almost exclusively to deer (and in some cases, antelope).

Like beef, venison can be categorised into several cuts and categories, including roast, sirloin, tenderloin and ribs. It can also be ground or cured to make venison sausages, burgers and jerky. For more info, see Venison Cuts.

In terms of taste and texture, venison is quite similar to beef, but with some subtle differences: while beef is generally fattier and more succulent, venison has a richer, earthier taste because of the deer’s wilder diet of acorns, sage and herbs. For more info, see What Does Venison Taste Like.

Given that deer are leaner than cows, venison is generally healthier to eat than beef. An average cut of venison, in fact, has around half the calories and a sixth the saturated fats of a similarly sized cut of beef. It also has more proteins, vitamins and minerals than beef. For more info, see Venison Nutrition.

With venison’s rising popularity, there are loads of great venison recipes out there to try out. Generally speaking, it’s best to cook the most tender cuts (tenderloin, sirloin, etc) with quick-cooking methods like sauteing, broiling or grilling. Tougher cuts such as shanks, Osso Bucco and shoulder cuts should be roasted or slowly braised, while ground venison meat and venison sausages should be pan-broiled or sauted. For more info, see How to Cook Venison.

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