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Venison Nutrition

In today’s health-conscious world, more and more food lovers are looking for leaner alternatives to regular grocery store cuts of meat. Nutritionists often remind us of the dangers of saturated fats and coronary heart disease, emphasizing a varied diet where no meat is eaten to excess.
So when you’re craving red meat but you’ve maxed out on your monthly beef quota, where do you turn to next? Most experts would recommend venison, citing its leanness and low calorie count, along with abundance of minerals and other health benefits. But is as healthy as they say? Let’s break it down:
Fat Content
Red meat is known for being high in unsaturated fats, those insipid chemicals responsible for heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. Consequently, one of venison’s greatest selling points is its comparatively low fat content. A quarter-pound of venison contains about 1 gram of fat, compared to over 8 grams of fat in a quarter-pound beef tenderloin. The calories, too, are significantly lower, about 150 in the venison compared to around 200 in the beef.

Vitamins and Minerals
A run-down of deer meat nutrition reveals an abundance of super-healthy minerals and vitamins, including:
Zinc: an important immune system booster, zinc also supports cell division, sexual libido and regulation of hormone levels
Iron: helps in the creation of red blood cells for transporting oxygen around the body, reducing the risk for anemia and other chronic diseases
Phosphorus: an aid in bone formation, kidney function, digestion, cellular repair and a multitude of other functions
B vitamins (such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin): these support the body's metabolism, cellular production, heart function and nervous system.

One drawback to venison is its cholesterol content, which actually ends up being higher than beef. That quarter-pound cut of venison will provide around a third of your daily recommend cholesterol. Still, given that it’s so low in saturated fats, venison is still considered good for the heart, so long as it’s eaten in moderation.

So, is deer meat healthy like they say it is? The answer appears to be: almost invariably, yes. Its nutrient-rich meat and low fat content make it a healthy choice of red meat that will reward the body as well as the palate. What’s more, many blind-tasting groups choose venison over beef as the better-tasting meat! So get shopping and check out our awesome venison products.

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