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Venison Saddle

This major cut of the venison, the “saddle” is, essentially, the entire top section of the deer. It includes a variety of premium steak cuts – a pretty much who’s who of the venison cuts. The venison saddle includes the two rib racks, two strip loins, two short loins, and two tenderloins. The cut of the connoisseur, an entire venison saddle means you’re free to cut it (expertly) your own way. Any of the saddle cuts are incredibly tender, and are perfect for a quick sear or grill, no marinating or tenderizing required.
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Cervena Venison Saddle, 12-14 lbs
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Venison Saddle, 14-16 lbs
from New Zealand by Broadleaf