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Venison Round

This large cut comes from the hind legs of the deer, known as the haunches. The venison round is made of three sections – Top Round, Bottom Round and Inside Round (or Knuckle). The thick Inside Round is also known as the Knuckle. This naturally tender cut can be also cut into thick steaks or smaller medallions, chautobriand-style or cooked whole as a beautiful thick leg roast steak. The venison Top Round is a large and long, cushion-shaped piece, perfect to cut into generous steaks, medallions and fillets, or as a whole roast. The Bottom Round is a very large cut, thick on the most part and tapered into a thin steak on the end. These cuts are ideal for a quick pan sear, a roast and ready to serve. Nutritious, almost fat-free, 100% New Zealand Cervena and Red Deer, always from free range and grass-fed deer.
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Venison Bottom Round, Cap On
from New Zealand by Broadleaf

Venison Inside Round, Cap On
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Venison Knuckle, Cap On
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
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