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Wild Boar

You don’t always need to travel to exotic locales to get truly wild game - Steaks and Game’s wild boar meat is sourced from the good USA, from free-range wild pigs raised In Texas’ hill country. The pigs forage for nuts, fruits and roots, giving the meat that delicious nutty and sweet flavor. Wild boars can be pretty dangerous animals to hunt, so if you like the flavor but want to skip out on the adrenaline of an angry pig chasing you, we’ve selected a good amount of premium wild boar steak, sausage and burgers right here. Our ranches never give their pigs any hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and they’re always humanely trapped and killed. Wild boar reproduces incredibly quickly (almost too quickly!), which makes it the perfect sustainable resource. So you can enjoy natural, delicious wild boar meat in good conscience.
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Wild Boar Leg Medallions
from United States by Broadleaf
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