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You’ll find few experiences more sublime than biting into a slice of perfectly-cured, luxuriously smoked Berkshire pork bacon. Made from 100% pure Berkshire pigs, this is by far the best bacon available in the world – ask any chef or food connoisseur. A rare heritage breed of pig, Berkshires are renowned for their incredible red meat, naturally marbled and streaked with glistening, delicious fat. Berkshire pork bacon is mouthwateringly buttery, and you’ll be amazed at its tenderness, low saltiness and all-around intense pork flavor. Steaks and Game’s Berkshire pork bacon comes from small farms that never give their pigs any hormones, or add nitrites or water to the meat, guaranteeing a flavorful and natural product.
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Kurobuta Bacon
from United States by Heritage Berkshire
Made from 100% pure Berkshire pigs, famous for their incredibly marbled, glistening meat, this is game-changing, turbo-charged gourmet bacon!
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (17 reviews)
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