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Pork Bacon

You’re in for the most intense bacon of your life, guaranteed. Wild boars have a meat that is deep, rich and complex - more flavorful than any regular farmed pig - and the curing and smoking process takes that powerful porky flavor and enhances it, making every strip of this deep red wild boar bacon perfectly buttery, nutty and delicious. Bonus: wild boar bacon is leaner and more protein rich than regular pork bacon, so you’re also getting some tasty healthy benefits. Steaks and Game sources its wild boar meat from wild hogs trapped and humanely. They’re allowed to roam free and graze on nuts, fruits, roots and tubers, and never given hormones, steroids or antibiotics.
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Wild Boar Bacon
from United States by Broadleaf
Our flavorful boar bacon is made from truly wild boar trapped outside of San Antonio, Texas. Bold, sweet, earthy and nutty, this is unlike any other.
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