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Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco (also known as ossobuco) is a cut of the lower part of the pig leg (the shank), but this rare cut of Berkshire (Kurobuta) Osso Bucco is so unique and popular, we decided it deserved it’s own spot to shine. Also the name of the popular Milanese dish made of braised shanks, you can make a succulent slow-cooked Berkshire Pork Osso Bucco (porkobuco!) with any of our gorgeous large shanks from heritage Berkshire pigs. Our Osso Bucco pork shanks are superbly meaty, with lots of that deliciously marbled, dark pink meat so famous in Berkshire pigs. Just slow braise this beauty to get a fall-of-the-bone, mouthwatering dish. Made from 100% Berkshire pigs, sourced from small farms that never use hormones or nitrites, so each bite is luxurious and natural Berkshire pork.
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Berkshire Pork Osso Buco, Fore Shank
from United States by Broadleaf
Also known as ossobuco, this is a succulent meaty cut of the shank, loaded with buttery Berkshire pork meat and perfect for slow-cooking.
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