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Sausage Makers Trim Meats

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Grass Fed Beef Trim 65%
by Broadleaf
Grass-fed beef boasts a more intense savory flavor than grain-fed beef, thanks to its wholesome lifestyle and natural diet. A rich ratio of fat to meat makes this 65% the perfect base for sausages.
Wagyu Beef Trim 50%
by Broadleaf
Take your homemade sausages to the next level by stuffing your casings with premium Wagyu beef trim. Well-marbled and buttery soft, their tender texture and intense beefy flavor make them the ideal choice.
Camel Trim, Boneless
by Broadleaf
A tempting combination of flavors, Camel boasts a singularly delicious taste that resembles a mixture of beef and lamb. The trim includes more fat than the primal portions, making it the ideal base for sausages and the like.
Duck Breast Meat Pieces - Trim
by Broadleaf
You’ll find our delicious duck trim has a gastronomic range that’s hard to equal. With a rich and full-bodied flavor, duck offers an excellent option for sausage making, lending itself well to both sweet and savory pursuits.
Lamb Trim
by Broadleaf
One of the most versatile meats, lamb’s distinctive taste plays well with a wide range of flavor pairings, making it an excellent option for all your culinary pursuits.
Wild Boar Trim
by Broadleaf
Links and patties both benefit from the bold zest of our premium wild boar. Darker in color and more assertive in flavor, take your pork sausages to the next level with our wild boar!
Wagyu Beef Trim 65%
by Broadleaf
For an even richer eating experience, turn to our premium 65% wagyu beef trim. Heavily marbled, this soft and tender meat boasts extreme flavor you’re sure to love.
Wagyu Beef Trim 75%
by Broadleaf
Wonderfully luxurious, our Wagyu beef trim features a ratio of 75% lean beef to 25% fat and is perfect for everything from sausages to hamburger patties.
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Grass Fed Beef Trim 85%
by Broadleaf
Our leanest ratio of meat to fat, our 85% grass fed beef trim features a delightfully savory flavor you’re sure to love in your next batch of sausages.
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