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Bison / Buffalo Skirt Steaks

As with cow beef, a buffalo skirt steak is cut from the Plate, essentially the belly of the animal. This part of the animal doesn’t have a lot of hard-working muscle (buffalo don’t do sit ups!), so this long and flat cut has more fat and therefore more beefy flavor. Because buffalo meat is so much leaner than regular meat, buffalo skirt steak will benefit from a nice, tenderizing marinade prior to cooking. Use it for: delicious buffalo fajitas and hearty steak salads. Buffalo steaks should never be grilled or cooked above medium, otherwise you run the risk of overcooking the meat. All the bison (buffalo) meat at Steaks and Game comes from grass-fed and free-range bison, always antibiotic and hormone-free.
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Bison Skirt Steaks
from United States by Western Buffalo Co.
Prized for their flavor, our Bison skirt steaks are quick to prepare and render truly delicious results when grilled or broiled.
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