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Bison / Buffalo Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks

Just like in regular beef, Bison Porterhouse steaks combine the Strip with the Tenderloin or Filet Mignon, while the Buffalo T-Bone steaks will have the same two cuts with the bone left in. However, because buffalo meat is so much leaner and has almost no fat, the beefy flavor will be much more enhanced, while the texture will be a bit toothier on the tenderloin side than what you’d get in a regular beef tenderloin. Our Porterhouses and T-Bones are as thick and hefty as the animal itself, but a lot easier to bite into. Steaks and Game’s Bison Porterhouse steaks and Buffalo T-Bone steaks come from grass-fed, free-range bison, never given any antibiotics or hormones, which means that every mouthwatering bite is all-natural.
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Bison Porterhouse Steaks
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Bison Shortloin, Bone In, Whole, Cut to Order
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Bison T-bone Steaks
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