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Grass Fed Beef Flank Steaks

This little-known cut will soon become your family’s favorite. From the belly, this is a long and wide cut, but with more thickness than a Skirt steak. While not at tender as a Ribeye or a Tenderloin, Flank steak does have more of a beefy flavor. Try it with a nice marinade and a quick grill. We love naturally raised grass-fed beef for its rich and bold flavor that grain-fed steaks just can't emulate. Lower in cholesterol and unhealthy fats, higher in Omega-3s and vitamins A and E, never given any antibiotics, always hormone-free, grass-fed beef is the healthiest beef you can find.
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Grass Fed Flank Steaks
from Australia by Brunette Downs
Perfect for marinades, the flank steak is a versatile cut, from the bottom belly section of the steer, a long and wide swatch of deliciously bold beef.