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Wagyu Kabob Meat, Diced

Wagyu Kabob Meat, Diced

from Australia by Broadleaf
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10 lbs frozen $14.25 $142.50 6305302

Wagyu Kabob Meat, Diced

Never has enjoying the rich and delicious taste of Wagyu beef been easier or more convenient than with our diced Wagyu kebab meat. As versatile as it is tasty, prepare this Wagyu beef in all your favorite ways, from traditional skewers to elegant appetizers and so much more! Grabbing on to flavor well, use marinades, dry rubs, or a simple combination of pepper and salt to add dimension to the rich and decadent nature of our premium Wagyu beef. Elevate all your favorite dishes to new heights of gastronomic enjoyment by using the richly marbled and tender flesh of our gourmet Australian Wagyu cattle from Broadleaf.

Sourced from one of the world’s foremost meat purveyors, Broadleaf provides a wide and varied assortment of specialty exotic and gourmet meats, including some of Australia's finest Wagyu beef. 100% Wagyu, this heritage breed has been carefully and masterfully bred over the centuries to produce cows with exceptionally heavy and evenly dispersed intramuscular fat. Full of a creamy white webbing of beautifully rich and flavorful fat, it’s this marbling that is the key to Wagyu’s greatness. With extra fat comes extra flavor, juiciness, and a wonderfully tender texture that lends it a true melt-in-your-mouth quality.

Add our conveniently pre-diced Wagyu kebab meat from Broadleaf to all manner of dishes. Lend stews a rich beefy flavor, swirl into pasta, or add to casseroles for a delicious and satisfying taste of gourmet luxury meat! No matter how you choose to use our premium Wagyu, we’re certain you’ll instantly fall in love with the full-bodied flavor it adds to your recipes. Order today, and thanks to our expedited delivery services, start enjoying your purchase as soon as tomorrow. Packed in special insulated boxes, not only will your order arrive incredibly quickly it’ll still be ice cold when it does, ensuring the quality remains at its highest. So what are you waiting for? Just a click away, order our delicious Wagyu kebab meat or any of our other fantastic gourmet meat offerings, and start enjoying your food the way you never have before.

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Product Reviews

4 out of 5 stars rating(4.00)1 ratings Log in to rate this item.
4 out of 5 stars ratingApr 13, 2022

not sure if it was the way it was cooked, but it was a bit stiff. The meat was flavorful.

An Li from Silver Spring, MD
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6305302 10 lbs 9.50 lbs. - 10.50 lbs. $14.25


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