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Wagyu Top Round, Cap Off, MS3

Wagyu Top Round, Cap Off, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
15 lbs frozen $16.36 $245.40
15 lbs chilled $16.36 $245.40
2 x 15 lbs frozen $13.10 $393.00
2 x 15 lbs chilled $13.10 $393.00

Wagyu Top Round, Cap Off, MS3

Juicy and flavorsome the Top Round is one of our favorite cuts for its intense flavor and versatility in the kitchen. From hefty roasts full of meaty flavor to individual steaks and medallions, you can easily fabricate our whole Wagyu Top Round to suit all your culinary preferences. A budget-friendly cut thanks to its tough and lean qualities, the Top Round is rendered juicy, succulent, and tender when slowly cooked over low heat, a la roasting or braising. A favorite portion for making roast beef, carving the Top Round into thin slices once cooked, also aids in the tenderization of this tasty cut.

While Top Round is typically thought of as a tough, lean portion, these qualities are minimized by the fact that our Top Round is sourced from premium Wagyu cattle! Bred specifically to maximize the ratio of fat to meat and generate beef with beautifully even and generous amounts of marbling, our Wagyu Top Round has a surprisingly delicate texture with a creamy, rich veining of fat throughout. This intramuscular fat network melts into the meat during the cooking process and imbues it with excellent flavor and a moist, juicy quality you wouldn’t expect to find in such a lean well-worked muscle.

A hefty portion, our Wagyu Top Round roast is sold whole and weighs in at a massive 15-pounds. Sold singly, or in sets of two, this roast is large enough to feed a crowd, making it the perfect option when preparing big holiday meals or when catering. Available frozen or chilled, you have the option of receiving our Top Round ready to cook or save for later, depending on your need. Placed in the refrigerator, our Wagyu beef keeps well for a total of three to five days, or if kept in the freezer, can easily last without any compromise in flavor or quality for up to a year. When looking to make your own roast beef or if you’re preparing to feed a lot of hungry guests but don’t want to break the bank doing it, look to our Wagyu Top Round for a delicious solution to all your culinary needs!

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from Australia by Broadleaf