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Wagyu Eye of Round, MS3

Wagyu Eye of Round, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
5.5 lbs chilled $14.46 $79.53
5.5 lbs frozen $14.46 $79.53 6302202
5 x 5.5 lbs chilled $12.20 $335.50
5 x 5.5 lbs frozen $12.20 $335.50 6302204

Wagyu Eye of Round, MS3

Exceptionally lean and flavorful, our Eye of Round Wagyu roast comes from the primal cut known unsurprisingly as the Round. Called the 'eye' because of its location, this portion is located squarely in the center of the Round. Bursting with flavor, our Wagyu Eye of Round is an economical option that’s the ideal choice when feeding a crowd or for any large family gatherings. Tough due to its lean nature, the Eye of Round is transformed when cooked slowly in a moist environment, yielding truly succulent and tasty results that are juicy, tender, and sure to impress even the most refined gourmand.

Sourced from Australia, our 100% Wagyu heritage beef comes from small sustainable farms situated throughout the vast expanse of the Australian Outback. Never given any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, our premium Wagyu beef is a wholesome as well as delicious source of protein. Raised using the same techniques established and made famous in Japan, our Australian Wagyu cattle from Broadleaf are fed a strict diet of fiber and a high energy concentrate made from rice, wheat, and hay. Fed sometimes as many as three times a day, our heritage Wagyu are only ready for harvest when almost 50% of their body weight is made up of fat. Through careful feeding, a slow, steady maturation period, and an easy stress-free lifestyle, our cattle achieve an amazing ratio of fat to meat and an incredible evenness of marbling throughout each portion. It’s this marbling that imbues our Wagyu with rich and delicious flavor, a tender, almost creamy texture, and a supreme juiciness you’re going to love.

Each order of our Wagyu beef Eye of Round contains one five and a half pound roast. Individually vacuum packed and flash frozen to ensure maximum flavor and moisture is retained, each portion is shipped in special insulated packaging. Shipped chilled or frozen, depending on your preference, you can start cooking with our Wagyu beef immediately or stock your freezer with it for future gourmet meals! Never has it been easier than it is now to order and enjoy premium Wagyu beef. Just a click away, thanks to our expedited shipping, you could be enjoying this Wagyu Eye of Round roast as soon as tomorrow!

Marble Score: 3
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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6302201 5.5 lbs 5.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $14.46
6302202 5.5 lbs 5.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $14.46
6302203 5 x 5.5 lbs 25.00 lbs. - 30.00 lbs. $12.20
6302204 5 x 5.5 lbs 25.00 lbs. - 30.00 lbs. $12.20


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