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Wagyu Tenderloin MS4 - Whole | from Australia | Steaks and Game

Wagyu Tenderloin MS4 - Whole

from Australia by Broadleaf
6 lbs whole, uncut chilled $54.39 $326.34
6 lbs whole, uncut frozen $53.15 $318.90
5 x 6 lbs whole, uncut chilled $47.38 $1421.40
5 x 6 lbs whole, uncut frozen $46.25 $1387.50

Wagyu Tenderloin MS4 - Whole

Positively the best cut available, the tenderloin is a succulent, finely grained portion of meat that needs little cooking and absolutely no prep to render fabulous results! Also known as the filet mignon roast, this is the same section from which we get those wonderful medallions of velvety soft meat by the same name. Sold singly, or in bulk packs of 5, our Wagyu tenderloins each weigh in at a hefty 6 pounds, meaning there’s sure to be plenty to go around no matter how you decide to prepare it.

Kobe style Australian beef, the cattle that produce this singularly delicious meat, are the direct descendants of those world-renowned Wagyu cows, and this wonderfully rich and fabulously tender roast is the ideal example of their superior genetics. Carefully bred and raised to increase their ratio of fat, the marbling in our Australian Wagyu is exceptionally consistent and lends this meat a rich and succulent quality unmatched by other forms of beef. Thanks to higher amounts of fat throughout our tenderloins, during the cooking process, this flavorsome fat melts and imbues the meat with more intense flavor and juiciness than conventional meat achieves.

Graded MS4 (the MS stands for Marbling Score), this tenderloin is an excellent middle of the road option. Extraordinarily rich and well-marbled compared to regular grass-fed beef yet not so high in fat as to become extravagant. The perfect combination of qualities, the MS4 marries all the richness and flavor of exceptional Wagyu beef at a more affordable price point to those cuts ranked MS9 and higher. Sourced from one of the leading meat purveyors in the Southern Hemisphere, Broadleaf works tirelessly to find and curate one of the best selections of gourmet meats in the world, and you can find them here at Steaks and Game! Try our sumptuous tenderloins or any of our other exceptional Wagyu cuts for a taste of some of the finest meat in the world!

Ingredients: 100% Australian Wagyu Tenderloin Steak, Marble Grade 4, AACO certified
Marble Score: 4
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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6312601 6 lbs whole, uncut 5.00 lbs. - 7.00 lbs. $54.39
6312602 6 lbs whole, uncut 5.00 lbs. - 7.00 lbs. $53.15
6312603 5 x 6 lbs whole, uncut 27.00 lbs. - 33.00 lbs. $47.38
6312604 5 x 6 lbs whole, uncut 27.00 lbs. - 33.00 lbs. $46.25


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