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Lamb Fore Shanks

Lamb Fore Shanks

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
2 shanks, 1.4 lbs total frozen $10.15 $14.21
25 x 2 shanks, 1.4 lbs total frozen $8.80 $308.00

Lamb Fore Shanks

Always tender when cooked, our Lamb Fore Shanks by Broadleaf are premier shanks sourced from 100% grass-fed, free-range New Zealand lambs. Succulent, savory, and full of flavor, our shanks are the best you’ve ever had. Each shank is loaded with lean meat and is full of essential vitamins and minerals because our lambs receive the best care from farmers with a passion for the business. The herds roam the vast New Zealand countryside and feed on some of the purest grass on the face of the Earth.

At harvest, our producers transport each lamb in the shortest amount of time possible to reduce stress and ensure humane standards in processing. All cuts are hand-trimmed to specific standards to guarantee the cleanest, leanest shanks on the market.

Our lamb shanks are most suitable for slow-roasting or braising. Shank meat is naturally tough and full of connective tissue, but when you break down the tissue over time, you unlock all the juices and fantastic flavors. Try seasoning your shanks with garlic, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper and be sure to visit our seasoning page to stock up before cooking. Lamb shank is best paired with medium-bodied, fruity wines like Chianti or Syrah. Beer drinkers should pair it with a strong ale.

Broadleaf is one of America’s top importers of specialty meats and game. Since 1988, the company has provided the freshest products with specific care for grading and fat content. Over the years, the company grew its catalog from New Zealand Venison to include a wide range of high-quality meats like Australian Wagyu, Texas Wild Boar, Iberico Pork, and New Zealand Lamb. Savor the flavors of our Lamb Fore Shanks by Broadleaf, one of the top meat importers in the world.

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7300601 2 shanks, 1.4 lbs total 1.20 lbs. - 1.60 lbs. $10.15
7300602 25 x 2 shanks, 1.4 lbs total 33.00 lbs. - 37.00 lbs. $8.80


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