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Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin - Whole | From Australia | Steaks and Game

Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin - Whole

from Australia by Cape Grim
10.5 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $19.19 $201.50 6404801
10.5 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $19.19 $201.50 6404802
4 x 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $17.75 $737.50 6404803
4 x 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $17.75 $737.50 6404804

Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin - Whole

Boasting a great “bite,” the Strip Loin has just the right amount of chew, and this robust texture is one of the reasons so many people love it. The fact that it’s also one of the most flavorful portions doesn’t hurt either! The strip loin’s inherent qualities are made profoundly better when sourced from premium grass-fed beef. Sourced from small sustainable ranches situated just off the shores of Australia, on the wild and rugged island known as Tasmania, our whole grass-fed strip-loin is positively bursting with deep and delicious flavor.

At Steaks and Game, we’re proud to be partnering with one of the foremost meat purveyors in the Southern Hemisphere, Cape Grim. With a deep commitment to the ethical rearing of cattle in a wholesome and environmentally responsible manner, these farmers are carefully audited by third-parties to ensure only the finest quality cattle are made available for sale. Raised and finished on nothing but rich Tasmanian pasture land, our cattle never receive any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. Hand-selected and rigorously graded, you’ll find that our grass-fed beef from Cape Grim is some of the finest!

Purchasing your favorite beef portions whole makes a lot of sense both in terms of culinary versatility and economic incentive. By ordering the whole strip loin and breaking it down yourself, you have a much wider range of potential options. Slicing them into steaks and medallions, or even fabricating several roasts into just the size you like them, and of course, all the trim is perfect for stew meat, stir-fries, or ground into mince. And did we mention you also enjoy significant savings? Instead of buying a single NY Strip steak, buy twenty with our whole 10.5-pound Strip Loin! Richly marbled and juicy, we’re certain that you and everyone who tries this incredible meat will love it at first bite.

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6404801 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut 8.50 lbs. - 12.00 lbs. $19.19
6404802 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut 8.50 lbs. - 12.00 lbs. $19.19
6404803 4 x 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut 34.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $17.75
6404804 4 x 10.5 lbs, whole, uncut 34.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $17.75