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Wagyu Tri Tips, MS3

Wagyu Tri Tips, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
2 pieces, 1.75 lbs ea chilled $20.71 $16.57 $72.50 $58.00
6 x 2 pieces, 1.75 lbs ea chilled $17.29 $15.56 $363.00 $326.70

Wagyu Tri Tips, MS3

Tri Tip made its featured appearance on the meat scene in the 1950s and became a staple for generations to come. This flavorful cut from the bottom sirloin is full of savory juice, but if you want to elevate your palate, I have one word for you: Wagyu. Our Wagyu Tri Tips by Broadleaf are the crème de la crème of beef tri tip. They are 100% grass-fed and pasture raised and come from one of the world’s top producers of high-quality Wagyu beef.

Sourced from Australian Wagyu herds and carefully monitored, Broadleaf guarantees their Wagyu beef is one of the best cuts you’ll ever taste. Each cow is raised with strict adherence to Japanese genetics and rations. At processing, strict trim specifications and surgical cleanliness from the company allow them to deliver products with 120 days of shelf life. Marble grades are completed by an independent contractor to ensure fairness and consistency. They have attention to detail like no other meat manufacturer on the market.

Traditionally, chefs braise tri tip as a roast then cut it into steaks. Be sure to get a great sear on each side in the pan before placing it in the oven and visit our seasonings page to stock up before cooking. Tri tip is also optimal for rotisserie cooking or smoking on a pit. Red oak pairs very well if you choose to smoke it.

Broadleaf staked its claim on the specialty meat market in 1988 and expanded by leaps and bounds over the years. Beginning with New Zealand Venison, the company now offers a wide range of quality specialty and game meats including Texas Wild Boar, Iberico Pork, AngusPure New Zealand Beef, and, of course, Australian Wagyu. The company words directly with farmers and harvesters to ensure the highest quality and standards in every cut. This Wagyu Tri Tip by Broadleaf is another example of their dedication to the specialty meat industry

Marble Score: 3
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6301701 2 pieces, 1.75 lbs ea 3.00 lbs. - 4.00 lbs. $20.71 $16.57
6301702 6 x 2 pieces, 1.75 lbs ea 18.00 lbs. - 24.00 lbs. $17.29 $15.56


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