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Wagyu Rib Eye, MS7, Whole

Wagyu Rib Eye MS7- Whole

from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
15 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $83.18 $1247.70
15 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $83.18 $1247.70
3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $73.15 $3291.75
3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $73.15 $3291.75

Wagyu Rib Eye MS7- Whole

Enjoy all the wonderful characteristics of premium Wagyu while saving money by ordering your ribeye whole! Expertly prepared and broken down by our master butchers, you’ll find it’s never been easier to fabricate your own delicious rib eye steaks. Whether you prefer your steaks cut thick or thin, with more fat left on or less, start getting exactly what you want every time and save money while doing it by ordering your meat whole and portioning it yourself. Ranked MS7 on the Australian Marbling Scale, this delightful Wagyu rib eye is the perfect combination of rich marbling at a fraction of the price demanded by those on the highest end of the spectrum. As versatile as it is delicious, our whole rib eye can easily be made into roasts, steaks, fillets, and more, making the gastronomic possibilities of this specific cut virtually endless.

Sourced from premium quality Wagyu cattle, our whole rib eye comes from Australia’s number one purveyor of Wagyu, Greg Norman. A part of their signature collection, the MS7 whole rib eye offers a high ratio of fat to meat resulting in a deeply savory flavor and a juicy tender texture unachievable by generic beef. Raised using the same time-tested traditions employed in Japan, these cattle are brought-up free-range until they reach maturity. Then spend their final 300 days on a specialty diet of grain that helps achieve that amazing marbling and buttery, soft texture we love. Never given any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, you’ll find that not only is this some of the most delicious meat you’ve ever tried, it’s also some of the most wholesome.

It’s never been easier to start enjoying the delicious taste of gourmet Wagyu beef. Just a click away, browse through our entire selection of premium meats, and thanks to our expedited delivery, start cooking and enjoying them as soon as tomorrow. You won’t believe your taste buds as your favorite dishes and recipes are transformed and elevated by using our MS7 whole Wagyu rib eye! Carefully packaged in special insulated boxes and shipped overnight to your door, receive your Wagyu order so quickly you’ll find it still frozen! If using immediately, thaw your Wagyu in the refrigerator, or a large container of cold water, if waiting to use, slip your meat straight from the box and into the freezer to maintain its quality. Convenient, delicious, and economic, say hello to your new favorite way to buy meat!

Marble Score: 7
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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6311907 15 lbs, whole, uncut 13.00 lbs. - 17.00 lbs. $83.18
6311914 15 lbs, whole, uncut 13.00 lbs. - 17.00 lbs. $83.18
6311908 3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut 39.00 lbs. - 51.00 lbs. $73.15
6311915 3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut 39.00 lbs. - 51.00 lbs. $73.15


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