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Wild Boar Tenderloins

Wild Boar Tenderloins

from United States by Broadleaf
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10-15 lbs (1-1.5 lb pieces) frozen $23.18 $289.75

Wild Boar Tenderloins

Wild boar meat usually needs long and slow cooking periods to tenderize, but the exception comes in the form of this tenderloin. Cut from the long, seldom-used muscle along the back of the hog, the wild boar tenderloin delivers all that bold and gamey wild pork flavor, but with a noticeable softer texture that other cuts.

One of the only really true wild meats available for purchase in the United States, our pig tenderloin is sourced from small ranches just outside San Antonio, Texas, where the pigs are feral and allowed to roam free. The animals graze on a diet of wild nuts, fruits, and roots, which gives the meat the deliciously sweet and nutty flavor we love, until they're humanely trapped and transported for slaughter – never hunted. Never given antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Our wild boar tenderloin is tender enough to be sliced into steaks or medallions, seasoned, grilled and served. Cook whole as a roast, give it its turn on the smoker, braise it or oven-cook it – it will always turn out amazing. Use your favorite rub or marinade, stuff it, go hog wild


  • Native Texas feral pigs
  • Hormone-free
  • Steroid-free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Natural diet includes wild nuts, fruits, pecans, roots, and tubers
  • Humanely trapped, transported & killed

Storage Information

  • Product will arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag.
  • Store in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  • To defrost, that overnight in the refrigerator and use within 5 days.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars rating(5.00)1 ratings Log in to rate this item.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is each 1-1 1/2 piece wrapped and frozen separately
A: The pieces are individually wrapped and frozen.

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6500001 10-15 lbs (1-1.5 lb pieces) 10.00 lbs. - 15.00 lbs. $23.18


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