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Wagyu Bottom Flat, MS3

Wagyu Bottom Flat, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
13 lbs chilled $11.25 $146.25
13 lbs frozen $10.97 $142.61
3 x 13 lbs chilled $9.75 $380.25
3 x 13 lbs frozen $9.50 $370.50

Wagyu Bottom Flat, MS3

While the filet mignon is lauded for its tender qualities and the new york strip for its stand-out flavor, the bottom flat is one of those unique cuts that is often passed over. It is, however, an excellent combination of savor and chew, and when prepared properly, can yield truly delightful entrees! Often avoided for its lean texture, our Wagyu bottom flat already has a leg up on the competition thanks to the fact that it’s sourced from 100% heritage Wagyu beef. Known for their high ratio of fat to meat, and incredibly even marbling, our Wagyu bottom flat starts out more tender and flavorful than most.

Sourced from the round primal (or the rear of the cow,) the bottom flat is a frequently used muscle, making it lean and wiry. However, with that toughness comes some of the richest flavor making it a worthwhile portion to learn to cook properly. Easily fabricated into roasts, fillets, and more, this portion delivers stand-out taste and a tender juiciness when cooked low and slow. Utilizing all the known methods of tenderizing, like moist heat cooking, marinades, and thin slicing against the grain results in a juicy, succulent, and beautifully delicate cut, you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

Harvested from the same Japanese Wagyu bloodline that is famous around the world, our Australian Wagyu cattle from Broadleaf have all the desirable genetic traits that were painstakingly bred into them over the centuries. Superior genes, coupled with time-tested traditional farming methods, work in tandem to produce some of the highest quality beef on the market. With no antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, not only is this some of the tastiest meat you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating, but it’s also some of the most wholesome. Browse through our entire selection of Wagyu beef, along with all our other gourmet and exotic meat options for a taste of luxury you won’t want to miss!

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