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Steaks And GameWagyu BeefTomahawk SteaksWagyu Rib Eye Tomahawk Steaks, MS5
Wagyu Rib Eye Tomahawk Steaks, MS5

Wagyu Rib Eye Tomahawk Steaks, MS5

from Australia by Broadleaf
4 pieces, 28 oz ea chilled $56.88 $398.16 6311101
4 pieces, 28 oz ea frozen $56.88 $398.16 6311102
4 pieces, 30 oz ea chilled $56.88 $426.60 6311103
4 pieces, 30 oz ea frozen $56.88 $426.60 6311104

Wagyu Rib Eye Tomahawk Steaks, MS5

Leave a lasting impression and add a little extra elegance to the table by serving up our delicious MS5 Wagyu ribeye tomahawk steaks! Essentially a ribeye, the tomahawk steak has added dramatic flair thanks to the fact that a portion of the rib bone is trimmed and left exposed, lending it a shape, not unlike a tomahawk. Just about the most spectacular thing you can put on your grill, our Tomahawk steaks are bursting with rich, juicy flavor and a tender, buttery texture that will leave you wanting more.

Massive in size, each of our hefty tomahawk steaks are available in both 28 and 30-ounce options and are more than large enough to split! Sold in packs of four each, steak is sealed and frozen separately, so you can cook them up one at a time and keep the rest in your freezer for whenever the mood for exceptionally delicious gourmet meat strikes again! Carefully packed in insulated boxes, you can order these steaks chilled or frozen, giving you the option to cook them upon arrival or throw them in your freezer for later enjoyment. Expedited overnight to your door it’s never been easier, or faster, to start cooking with gourmet Wagyu beef.

Ranked MS5 on the Australian Marbling Score, you’ll find that these tomahawk steaks rest right in the sweet spot. Beautifully marbled with a rich, creamy webbing of intramuscular fat, they boast a buttery tenderness and a juicy savor unmatched by generic beef. The perfect combination of tender texture and superior taste at a truly approachable price point, you’ll find these steaks are a great balance of quality and economy.

Sourced from Broadleaf, our tomahawk ribeyes come from premium Australian Wagyu cattle. Raised utilizing the same traditional methods used in Japan, our Wagyu are raised free-range on the vast prairies of the Australian outback. Once they reach maturity, they are switched to a specialty blend of grains and finish their final 300 days on this diet. This combination of a natural maturation, coupled with a stress-free environment, and an all-grain finish, leads to the extremely even marbling and excellent texture we associate with only the finest Wagyu beef. Try it for yourself today and taste the Wagyu difference!

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6311101 4 pieces, 28 oz ea 6.50 lbs. - 7.50 lbs. $56.88
6311102 4 pieces, 28 oz ea 6.50 lbs. - 7.50 lbs. $56.88
6311103 4 pieces, 30 oz ea 7.00 lbs. - 8.00 lbs. $56.88
6311104 4 pieces, 30 oz ea 7.00 lbs. - 8.00 lbs. $56.88


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