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Wagyu Peeled Knuckle, MS3

Wagyu Peeled Knuckle, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
13 lbs chilled $14.04 $182.52
4 x 13 lbs chilled $12.00 $624.00
13 lbs frozen $14.04 $182.52
4 x 13 lbs frozen $12.00 $624.00

Wagyu Peeled Knuckle, MS3

Also known as the Knuckle Roast or Sirloin Tip Roast, our Wagyu Peeled Knuckle is made up of a group of three relatively small muscles. When purchased together, they make one roast that’s suitable for all manner of preparation methods from oven-roasting and braising to the ideal candidate for a pot roast! While whole, the beef knuckle offers a wide range of options and, when broken down, can also be fabricated into steaks, stew meat, and kebabs. Masterfully butchered our Peeled Wagyu Knuckle has all the outer fat and connective tissue carefully removed, so you have little to no prep work and can start cooking and enjoying your Wagyu beef that much sooner.

Sourced from the Round primal, our beef knuckle is bursting with bold, beefy flavor. With a relatively tender texture and a very approachable price point, this combination of excellent characteristics makes the Knuckle one of the butcher’s favorite cuts and the chef’s secret weapon. Start capitalizing on the excellent qualities of our delightful Wagyu peeled knuckle today for a true taste of gourmet meat.

At Steaks and Game, we source the majority of our premium Wagyu from Broadleaf. One of the leading meat purveyors, they specialize in curating a collection of gourmet and exotic meats from around the world. With quality and consistency at the center of everything they do, Broadleaf carefully finds and curates a selection of meats, including some of the finest Wagyu outside of Japan. Obtained from small sustainable farms situated throughout the Australian outback, these farmers utilize the same time-tested farming methods that were first made famous in Japan. This careful attention to detail and close adherence to regulation ensures that our premium Wagyu is the finest beef available anywhere.

Just a click away, it’s never been easier to order and enjoy gourmet Wagyu beef. Browse through our entire selection of specialty meats on this website, and thanks to our expedited shipping, receive them as soon as tomorrow!

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