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Wagyu NY Strip Sandwich Steak, MS3

Wagyu NY Strip Sandwich Steak, MS3, PRE-ORDER

from Australia by Broadleaf
10 lb pack frozen $25.65 $256.50

Wagyu NY Strip Sandwich Steak, MS3, PRE-ORDER

The Australian Wagyu beef supply is currently very limited, so we can only offer this product by pre-order at this time. This means items usually ship out within two to three weeks but may ship out later or earlier, as stock becomes available. This item is NOT eligible for our Requested Delivery Date program and can not be guaranteed for delivery on a specific date.

The New York strip steak is highly-regarded by meat lovers everywhere for its complex and sumptuous harmony of flavors, texture, and fat. Well-loved for its many outstanding qualities, when our NY Strip is sourced from premium Wagyu beef (with its high ratio of intramuscular fat and incredibly even marbling), an already excellent steak is elevated to new heights of gastronomic possibility. Traveling under several different monikers, you may have also seen and enjoyed the New York strip marketed as a Sirloin cut, or simply, a Strip steak. No matter which name it takes or method of preparation used, we’re certain you’re going to love the excellent flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture of our gourmet Wagyu New York Strip steak from Broadleaf.

Not only one of the most delicious and widely appreciated cuts of beef available, the New York Strip, is also one of the most versatile! Most obviously used as is, to quickly create fantastic steaks, our NY Sandwich steak also works beautifully in Asian-style stir-frys, Mexican fajitas, or sliced thin for a good old Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Tender and flavorful, our Australian Wagyu beef striploin is big enough to share, but we’ve never had a problem finishing one on our own.

Sourced from one of the leading purveyors of gourmet meats, our Wagyu NY Strip sandwich steak comes from Broadleaf. With a constant effort to acquire only the highest quality meats, their Wagyu comes from Australian Wagyu cattle ranches. These farms make every effort to follow the exact same methods that Japanese cattle farmers use in the raising of their own Wagyu. Using a masterfully blended combination of grains, strict feed rationing, and a minimum of 300 days on grain, our Australian Wagyu cattle are able to achieve the same level of beautifully even marbling and that buttery-soft texture we associate with only the finest Wagyu. Never given any hormones or antibiotics, not only is this some of the most delicious beef you'll ever try it's also some of the healthiest.

Sold in 10-pound cases, our NY Strip sandwich steaks are carefully packaged in insulated boxes to ensure they arrive in excellent condition. Shipped overnight, in most cases, you’ll receive your premium steaks still completely frozen. Never has enjoying the amazing flavor of some of the world’s greatest beef been easier. Simply, order today, and thanks to our expedited shipping, receive your steaks as soon as tomorrow!

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Availability: Usually ships within 22 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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