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Wagyu Chuck Tender, MS3

Wagyu Chuck Tender, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
2 pieces, 3 lbs ea chilled $14.04 $84.24
5 x 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea chilled $12.00 $360.00
2 pieces, 3 lbs ea frozen $14.04 $84.24
5 x 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea frozen $12.00 $360.00

Wagyu Chuck Tender, MS3

Traveling under a multitude of names, you might see the beef Chuck Tender marketed as a Chuck Eye, Chuck Filet, Chuck Mock Tender Roast, Medallion Pot Roast, or Scotch Tender. While many of these monikers include the word ‘tender,’ the chuck tender is not named for its succulent qualities but rather for its similarity in shape to the tenderloin. Long, narrow, and pointed at one end, it looks just like a whole tenderloin in miniature. While not the softest meat around what the chuck tender lacks in succulence, it more than makes up for in flavor! Side-step the chuck tender’s fibrous qualities by slowly braising it to break down its tough fibers while maintaining all its flavor.

At three pounds each, our Wagyu chuck tenders make the perfect centerpiece for a small dinner. Available in packs of two or larger bulk packs of ten, whether you’re having an intimate dinner for four or feeding a large crowd, get exactly the amounts you need with these delicious Wagyu chuck tenders. Vacuum packed and flash-frozen to seal in the moisture, our Wagyu chuck tenders will give you a whole new appreciation for what beef should taste like.

Raised without any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, the health and wholesomeness of these Australian Wagyu cattle are at the center of their sustainable farming practices. Fed a strict diet of fiber and a high energy concentrate made from rice, wheat, and hay, these cows are fed up to three times a day for sometimes up to two years until the cattle have reached the point where 50% of their body weight is made up of fat. Only then can they achieve that melt-in-your-mouth quality that makes Wagyu beef so special. Despite the high level of marbling, Wagyu cattle have more of the essential and beneficial fats, including Omega 3 and CLAs, missing from other cattle breeds and results in a meat that is healthier and lower in saturated fat. The best of both worlds, experience beef at its finest while enjoying health benefits unavailable in generic meats!

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is your Wagyu Chuck Tender the same as Clod Tender ( Petit Tender, Shoulder Tender) or is it the Top Blade?
A: Chuck Tender is also known as Chuck Fillet and it is one of the more tender cuts from the chuck section. It is not Clod Tender, which would come out of the Top Round and we do not carry, nor the Top Blade, which we sell separately.

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6302904 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea 5.00 lbs. - 7.00 lbs. $14.04
6302905 5 x 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea 25.00 lbs. - 35.00 lbs. $12.00
6302902 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea 5.00 lbs. - 7.00 lbs. $14.04
6302903 5 x 2 pieces, 3 lbs ea 25.00 lbs. - 35.00 lbs. $12.00


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