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Wagyu Butt Tenders, MS3

Wagyu Butt Tenders, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
30 lbs chilled $27.96 $838.75 6301001

Wagyu Butt Tenders, MS3

With almost no need for a knife, our Wagyu butt tenders are incredibly soft and succulent, providing practically no resistance at all when cut. Beautifully marbled, even a notoriously lean cut like the tenderloin is evenly covered with a rich creamy webbing of fat. Blessed with a flavor more complex and ‘beefier’ than generic tenderloins, our Wagyu butt tenders are an excellent combination of traits that result in a singularly delicious meat-eating experience.

Adored for its wonderfully tender texture the tenderloin is regarded by many as the finest cut of beef available. The tenderloin when kept whole is a long narrow muscle that is thicker at one end and tapered at the other. When divided in two, each end has a name. The smaller forward section is called the “short” while the fatter wider back section is referred to as the “butt”. Our ‘butt tenders’ then come from the butt end of the tenderloin muscle. Perfect when sliced into medallions, this portion of meat is soft and succulent while remaining relatively lean, thanks to the fact that it gets little to no use.

Our 100% heritage Wagyu beef is sourced from one of the leading meat purveyors in the world, Broadleaf. With the utmost care they have curated a range of meats unmatched by other vendors and their Australian Wagyu is a perfect representation of these core tenants. Raised on sustainable farms situated throughout the vast Australian outback these cattle are 100% Wagyu coming from the same bloodline that made the name Wagyu famous to begin with. After centuries of masterful breeding and selection Wagyu cattle now boast a slew of characteristics that make it some of the most desirable meat in the world. With a high ratio of fat to meat, Wagyu is incredibly marbled. And the sheer amount of it is no less impressive than the fact that it is evenly dispersed throughout the muscles in a way unlike any other beef. This generous amount of marbling contributes to a beef that is not only more flavorful but also significantly more tender and juicy!

Marble Score: 3
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